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This is a big one for us as well. We get requests from our vendors on a regular basis to be able to access independent sessions on a terminal server. The only work around currently is to provide them an RDP session, but we would like to control all the access through Control.

On another note, restricting certain users form accessing other user's session would be a great feature (proabably should add that as a second feature request)

In most cases, we want the vendors to be able to login via Control, and only to their own independent sessions, without the ability to sneak up on any other logged in session on the server.

Printing needs to be much more granular for sure! Please consider doing this. I see this request has been pending for 2 years! We are forced to turn off Print Mapping globally due to the lack of selecting what printer to map.

Big +1 for this. This one is causing us headaches with our clients, as the host printers are mapping, and more importantly, if an end user ends up printing to the host's mapped printer inadvertently, all mapped printers stick in the session, and don't get un-mapped when the host disconnects.