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Hi Greg,

I created a Freshplug integration for the Ticket View page that parses the requesters email address (e.g., removes so I am left with the username and then generates a link button to search ScreenConnect for that username.

Freshplug Code:

<div id="ScreenConnectFind" title="ScreenConnect Find Requester FreshPlug">

<div class="content"></div>
<div class="error"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var screenConnectURL = "https://<your screenconnect URL here>/Host#Access/All%20Machines/"
var requesterEmail = "{{}}";
var userName = requesterEmail.split("@")[0];
var searchURL = screenConnectURL.concat(userName);
document.getElementById("task_apps").innerHTML = "<p><p><center><a class='btn' target='ScreenConnect' href="+searchURL+">Search ScreenConnect for Requester</a></center>"

Looking for the Freshservice integration with ScreenConnect, just like FreshDesk has. In the meantime, I was able to create a workaround via a Freshplug (Freshservice plugin).

Great, now we need to create the app.config file and re-install the access clients again for them to get the latest settings to disable the survey.

There should have been an option during the 6.1 installer to participate in feedback or not, which would set the needed app.config setting based on what was selected. Thanks ScreenConnect.

Increased security isn't considered a high value enhancement? Any good tech company knows IT needs to operate with a "security first" policy these days. Considering this is one of the top feature requests and it involves security it should be at the top of the list.

I'm sure ConnectWise doesn't want to end up like TeamViewer and end up having compromised accounts getting easy access to organization's PCs.

How is "CONTROL" in any way associated with Meeting sessions? It's not.

"Let me share my screen with you on CONTROL" or "Join my meeting presentation on CONTROL", doesn't make any sense.

To put a little more fire under you guys for this feature, one of your competitors, Bomgar, already supports Duo.

Here's a video example of PRTG's Auto-Update functionality: