Change the name back to ScreenConnect!!!

MrEastwood 7 years ago updated by Vince Russo 1 year ago 27

Look at this thread on the forums, no one likes the new name "Control". The only way to get it changed away from this horrible name is to upvote this feature request. Either change it back to ScreenConnect, or call it something else like Connect, just not a name that implies a negative connotation. Please. This was really a bad idea to change the name.

Possibilities: (pick one from either section)
  • Remote, Cyber, "E-", Click
  • Assist, Connect, Support, Help, Unite, Link


Control is a terrible name. First thing that comes to mind is Command & Control. Cyber security wise this is the worst name ever.


How is "CONTROL" in any way associated with Meeting sessions? It's not.

"Let me share my screen with you on CONTROL" or "Join my meeting presentation on CONTROL", doesn't make any sense.


I thought ScreenConnect was a great name. It's as logical as the name gotomeeting. All the time I say to customers, let me do a screenconnect with you. Even if they never heard of the product they understand the concept. I get Connectwise wants their name in the product and having the word Connect twice is kinda odd. but Control is a terrible name.


I have to agree that "Control" is a poor choice. I would have preferred they call it "Connect" if anything but that sounds redundant in combination "Connectwise Connect". Maybe "RemoteWise" or "SupportWise" or "AssistWise" and in small print "by ConnectWise".

Control is not as appropriate as ScreenConnect. Would some give the marketing team some filing to do? Maybe they could go and do some charity event to get their feel good on. Just don't mess with a perfectly good name. Put the expense of the name change into making the product even better.

I have to agree that Control has negative connotations and makes little sense when used in the the screen sharing (view a clients screen) or presentation mode. @Felipe: The problem is that ConnectWise is now the Brand and "Control" is the Product, (formally, ScreenConnect was both Brand & Product); so calling the product "AnythingWise" dilutes the Brand.

If ConnectWise must distance themselves from the ScreenConnect product and excellent reputation, how about ScreenAssist? Just as friendly, but different enough to be new. Just remember all us legacy license holders expect to be honoured as the product is the function it delivers; no matter what the name or however many rewrites of the code.

I'd rather go with Minions option: BANANA !! But seriously. I'm in, control leaves a bad taste in a customer/user side. Assist, Support sound much better, even the ScreenConnect that I'm habit to.

Any updates on this request?


I'm having a hard time understanding why you would purchase an amazing remote assistant tool, which already has very positive brand equity - and then rebrand it... WTF ConnectWise, just add your name to the front of it like a normal person and continue to enhance/integrate the product.

Looks like they are "copping a deaf'un!"

Certainly wouldn't have happened under ScreenConnect's watch . . . Just not answering our legitimate concerns is simply unacceptable. Have the good grace (and manners) to respond please and at least explain the reasoning behind your strategy. At the moment, from the outside looking in; the rebranding is a mistake and one that adversely impacts our businesses.

I have to agree. I have some very paranoid customers who already struggle with the idea of anything in the cloud or any type of third party access to their systems and data. Putting a gigantic CONTROL in their face is a bad idea and could prevent some people from signing up.

With all due respect it would be far better to keep the ScreenConnect name coupled with CW branding such as "by ConnectWise" in small print, or ConnectWise in small print followed by large ScreenConnect on the next line (just as the current logo with Control). It's slightly awkward if written out as text (ConnectWise ScreenConnect) but in logo form with ConnectWise small and ScreenConnect large, it is not at all awkward and actually has a nice ring to it.

But if you just can't stomach the original name because it has the word connect in it, pick something more user friendly like SESSIONS or one of the other suggestions presented by others.

Thanks for reconsidering this choice.


The Output Stream for the latest 6.2 version seems to suggest that the consideration of our requests is over and we've been ignored! A bit like a government consultation period - drag it out, tell everyone you are listening, then carry on with the original plan regardless.


Here's the best workaround I can find; customization...


"Change the application title" -

  1. Go to the Appearance page.
  2. In the "Client Resources" table, edit the ApplicationTitle string
  3. Add your new title and save your changes


I think that reference covers just about everything I've already done on my Server. But that's the first I've seen everything in one place. I'm sure at least 43 users will benefit - Thanks (Pity ConnectWise Support Staff couldn't have been as helpful earlier . . .)

47 +1's over 5 months and Connectwise can't even give us the respect of an official response. I've been a loyal screen connect user for years and sometimes its nice to know as users our opinions at the very least haven't fallen of deaf ears.

Currently in the market for a ITSM system for my MSP company. Connectwise and Managed Engine are on the short list. But its threads like this that help drive decisions.

Agree 100% with this request.  The name CONTROL is completely negative and doesn't make any sense from a remote desktop tool, securitywise this is a nightmare.

I hope that the team will eventually see this as an actual issue with the software and get this fixed

All I can say is I agree with all the other comments here. CONTROL is only slightly better than CHAOS.

I don't like control as I often confuse it with Automate, ScreenConnect was a very clear name that it's a tool to connect to the screen. Would suggest a name like 'Remote' 'Assist' or 'Viewer' - Or just back to ScrennConnect

Hey - Thanks for listening - NOT!


This userecho is a joke. I have had several requests site idle for years, then abruptly closed with no comment or feedback of any kind from connectwise.....this particular chain completely ignored even after 77+ thumbs ups. We know your not gonna change the name back, but at least give us the respect of a official response.  Great way to show your userbase our input matters Connectwise. 

Great to be heard out ConnectWise!

Thank you all for being partners since the ScreenConnect days. We appreciate the support you've shown us since before the acquisition up until now. Changing the name from ScreenConnect to ConnectWise Control signifies ConnectWise's commitment to investing in the product and making it a cornerstone of the ConnectWise brand. The "Control" name alludes to the ability the product gives you to remotely Control technology so you can consistently provide fantastic customer experiences. We're working hard to deliver even more new and improved features, and we're continually adding new talent to the team to ramp up the cadence of releases and add to the polish of the solution.

We've heard some of the challenges the name change presents. The ability to fully customize and white label ConnectWise Control will help mitigate some of the client-facing problems outlined in this thread. You can personalize the logo, application name, and more than 1,200 other settings on the appearance page. For more information on how to customize ConnectWise Control, visit the Appearance page documentation article here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Administration_page/Appearance_page

Other helpful resources include the list of client application resource strings and the list of web resource strings that are also available in our documentation.

can we change the name as it appears in the uninstall page ye

5 years, thats one of the fastest feature requests change Ive happen to experience on this user echo....lol i have some "considering for future releases" topics reaching the 7 year mark.

Joking aside, right call Connectwise, the name change was dumb, good call righting the mistake, 5 year later.