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You already have an integration piece for Freshdesk but I use Freshservice which is made by the same company and just offers more of a complete product in ,line with the ITSM suite. COuld you develop integration for FreshService as well?

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Hello guys,

We also would like to see the screenconnect/freshdesk integration roll into freshservice. In a first approach we would like to use adhoc connection and the consequent log as a internal note into the ticket.

Another useful feature into the Screenconnect/freshservice integration would be an Fresh service asset based screenconnect connection, in addition to the ad-hoc session.

Freshservice needs screenconnect to be a near perfection product. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for this feature/integration.

Looking for the Freshservice integration with ScreenConnect, just like FreshDesk has. In the meantime, I was able to create a workaround via a Freshplug (Freshservice plugin).

Can you elaborate on how you did this Cazi?


Hi Greg,

I created a Freshplug integration for the Ticket View page that parses the requesters email address (e.g. username@domain.com), removes @domain.com so I am left with the username and then generates a link button to search ScreenConnect for that username.

Freshplug Code:

<div id="ScreenConnectFind" title="ScreenConnect Find Requester FreshPlug">

<div class="content"></div>
<div class="error"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var screenConnectURL = "https://<your screenconnect URL here>/Host#Access/All%20Machines/"
var requesterEmail = "{{requester.email}}";
var userName = requesterEmail.split("@")[0];
var searchURL = screenConnectURL.concat(userName);
document.getElementById("task_apps").innerHTML = "<p><p><center><a class='btn' target='ScreenConnect' href="+searchURL+">Search ScreenConnect for Requester</a></center>"

Cazi, nice work buddy! I can't believe it was something that simple. Our HelpDesk girl loved it. Thanks for posting this!


Can you give me a bit of a walkthrough to setup the Fresh Plug?

What is the status on this?  This thread is 5 years old and is "under review".  Let's get 'er done...

Really needed for Freshservice rather than FreshDesk


Hi All,

We do have an integration with Freshservice. Please visit the Extension MarketPlace to install the Freshservice.

Can someone help please, I have set up the extension but cant find ConnectWise Control in the fresh services marketplace?

Thank you

Hi Garth, 

The Freshservice integration was actually developed by the Freshworks team. Unfortunately it looks like they did take it down from their marketplace. I'm reaching out to see what the status of this integration is. Sorry for the delay!



Caitlin - Did you find anything on this? We've just started a trial of Connectwise Control as we're looking for a new service, and integration with Freshservice would definitely be a point in favor of your product... 

Hi! I'm reaching back out to Freshworks. The Freshservice integration was fixed on both sides, and the piece on the Control side is posted on our marketplace. I'm not sure why they haven't re-posted there. 

Pending Review

Hi AJT, 

The Freshservice integration was actually developed by the Freshworks team. I've reached out to them (again) to see what the status of the integration is. The APIv2 comment is news to us, have followed up. 

Another quick update -- they're actively trying to find a workaround to post the integration to their marketplace. When I have more info I'll post here. 


Hi Caitlin -- any update from Freshworks on getting the integration app back on the marketplace?


I would love to see screenconnect and freshservice integration. That's almost the last piece of this puzzle. 


Hey everyone! I've spoken to Freshservice, there was an issue compiling their extension update for their marketplace. They hope to have it fixed by the end of the month. Will post here when I have confirmation. 


Hi Caitlin, any word from Freshservice on getting the extension updated in their marketplace?


Caitlin -  I'm still not seeing it in their marketplace, could you check in with your contact at Freshervice for an update? 


Hi all! Emailed Freshservice a bit ago, no response yet! Apologies for the run around and delays. 

Hi Caitlin - any update from Freshservice on an ETA / current state of this request?

Hi all, apologies for the continued delays. I've pinged our Freshservice contact again, she's supposed to be getting back to me with an ETA. 

Hi Caitlin, any update from Freshservice support's end? Really want to implement this in my instance, looks like others do too.

We are very interested interested in this as well.

Seems like it's still not available yet, I just emailed their support too.

We're also very interested in this.

Any updates on this?

Hey everyone, so sorry for the delay here. I'm trying one more time with my contact at Freshservice. If this isn't a fruitful exchange, we'll have our development team take over and complete the necessary work. Freshservice is technically the author of the integration, we wanted to give them a chance, but this is dragging on. 

Thank you for the update. We are a long-time FreshService customer, are in the process of purchasing ScreenConnect, and this integration would be a really nice feature to have.

Hi everyone, I have a great update. It's live!!! https://www.freshworks.com/apps/freshservice/connectwise_screenconnect/

Let me know if there are other questions or comments, I can pass them back to the Freshservice team. 


Maybe it's just me, but this isn't super intuitive.  The item in the freshservice marketplace just has a button that says 'visit site to install' which links to https://screenconnect.connectwise.com/.  Looking at their 'how to install' directions & video, it says I need an API Token from the screenconnect account, but I don't see that anywhere in my admin settings.  Can you clarify what is needed here? 


Wait a minute... I'm watching the video from the freshservice page for this integration, and once it gets past the configuration it appears to show how to use the integration. If I'm understanding this right, all it does is post data from a screenconnect session into the freshervice ticket notes, and only if the screenconnect session is manually renamed to Freshservice-##### (where ##### is the ticket number.) Is that right?

I guess posting the session data back to the ticket is useful functionality, but I can't see it getting much use if the tech has to rename every session to make that happen.

Is that what anyone else here expected from an integration of a ticketing system and remote control platform? I was expecting freshservice to add a link/button in the ticket screen to launch a screenconnect session to the computer in the ticket. (Or, if not used with the screenconnect agent, then to create a session and send an invite to the user automatically.) Was I way off base on my expecations for what "Integrate your instance of ConnectWise Control with Freshservice." means?

Amen. This is exactly what we were thinking / expecting it to be as well. Not seeing much value with the current iteration to be honest. We were also hoping for a seamless way agents can click on a requester in FreshService to initiate a ScreenConnect session...

I'm with @NeighborGeek here, I could have sworn that the initial sell of this integration was so that technicians could seamlessly initiate sessions from the ticketing system and import the session data, including a recording of the session, rather than having to live in two systems and manually exporting audit log data for an overview of the technician's session.

For the amount of time this has been bumped, this is a pretty disappointing release. Are there plans to continue building this integration to have more value added?

We recently became Screenconnect customers, mostly because of the integration with Freshservice. However, this integration is frustrating at best. In our environment, where we deploy Screenconnect across all corporate-owned devices, the current iteration of this integration is utterly useless.

I sincerely hope that this version is a tech demo rather than a final product because, as it stands, it offers no benefit to our organization. My frustration is heightened by the fact that I pushed for Screenconnect in large part because of this integration, and so far, it's fallen far short of expectations.

If this is the final release, I'm afraid we've made a decision that doesn't serve our interests. The potential for this integration to improve our workflows is significant, and yet the current execution is drastically disappointing. I need to see substantial improvements.

Hi Reese, et al.,

I agree completely that what has been provided is not really what was expected.  I think one thing that is missing from this thread is a clear list of features everyone is looking for.  I'll take a crack at it, but let's put something actionable together so they have a target to hit.


  • Launch ScreenConnect session from within the active FreshService ticket 
    • Existing Agent - Search from the integration by hostname, user, serial number, site, or other values; clicking launch would pass the ticket parameters to ScreenConnect and feed back details to the ticket.
    • New Support Session - ability to launch a new ScreenConnect Support Session in a browser tab/window with the ticket number associated to session name/details; enable details to be passed back to the ticket during or at the conclusion of the host connection to the session
  • Search and interact with all of the ScreenConnect modules for a machine such as Timeline, Messages, Commands, Processes, Notes, Software, etc; if possible, without leaving the ticket, but a secondary window would work
  • Log session details, notes, and pictures back to the ticket as a private note

What else are we looking for???

Hi all, I hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately the contractor Freshservice worked with did not deliver an expected result. I'm actively talking to the Freshservice team about how we can improve this integration and realistic timelines.

I will say that the expected behavior of this integration is to mirror Freshdesk or Zendesk integrations with ScreenConnect -- which means Support sessions only (and of course session details back to the ticket). I cannot promise Access session launching from the ticket at this time. We've investigated previously and don't see an easy path forward there. Will update here when I have more information. 

Thank you for the update.  I also appreciate you setting expectations for what might be possible in the future.  In my case, the vast majority of our Screenconnect use is for Access sessions, so at least it's good to know that even if functionality is added this particular integration is unlikely to be a good fit for our needs.  We're still quite happy with screenconnect overall, and at least now I can stop telling my helpdesk that this is coming.  :)