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This would be critical to my team's operation to be able to provide least privileged access to stat support initiation.  

Yes, let's reduce security risk of accidental exposure to sensitive information on both MSP/Tech and client sides :)

As SteveIT said, flushing both sides on disconnect is crucial; I'd even go 1 further and say it should be on connect as well (or at least an option to flush on both sides similar to the Consent request)

This would be very beneficial; As increased security issues that revolve around MSPs and their toolsets, having granular security control to be able to limit an attack vector for unprivileged users that don't need the ability to remote into client machines that do need to be able to communicate to client requests would be appreciated. This should be something that is looked into since ConnectWise wants to become a leader in MSP Security (TSP-ISAO)