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Cloud Account Administrator email?  What about on-prem customers?

Thanks for the info Caitlin, wasn't sure what was going on after it was down for more than week.

So did this get forgotten about?  two versions after 6.4, no functionality or no mention of this. 

To be able to launch the SC access session from within Ninja mostly.

I've really missed this since the 5.X days.  This would be fantastic if the extension was revived or built-in directly.

+1 for user-role security.  Ex.  We have a session group for an organization, and want to allow an end-user to connect to their machine.  Instead of setting up a completely separate session group just for 1 individual, use a tag of "John Smith" (possibly comma-separated for multi-user?), and be able to set permissions for the user, based on the tag.  This could also be useful for contract-based tech support.

We just jumped onboard with Ninja, and the TeamViewer integration doesn't hold a candle to ScreenConnect