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This would be great to have soon.

Yes please. This is one of the missing features that is a deal-breaker for one of our clients. They would use this to work from home.

This would be great to have and this is one of the deal breakers for our clients who work from home. If there could be an option to automatically match resolution or something that would be great too. But at least the option to change it would be a good start. Since ConnectWise Control does not save settings, it is annoying for our clients to remote in and make changes every single time. Sometimes on the computer they're remoting into, and then they have to change it all back again when they physically use it. I know there is the app.config and the extension store, but this does not apply to our setup.

This does not apply to us. Not everyone has access to the extensions webstore. As I said, this is with ITSupport 24/7 integration but specifically with ConnectWise Control.

We would like to see this feature as well, and not just with remote printing but other features like blanking guest monitors, automatically match screen resolution, etc. With ITSupport 24/7 integration we do not use the "screenconnect portal" and there are no options to enable or disable automatically. It's really frustrating for our users to have to click options every time they connect. There is the app.config file, but it's limited.