Add field on General tab for local IP address

Michael Legato (Support) 8 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 28

Partner would like an additional field added to the General tab of the guest machine on the Host page that displays the local IP address of the machine (in addition to the current Network IP address that pulls from the inbound traffic).



I would really like this as well. I can't recall the number of times I've switched to the "commands" tab to run "ipconfig" in search of the LAN IP.


This would be so userful. We could use the SC portal's search feature to locate a PC when we only knew the IP and nothing else. Many great uses.


Being able to conveniently see and search by IP could be a massive time saver. There have been more than a few times were I may only know the IP for various reasons such as getting an activity alert from a firewall. Getting into a machine like that as quick as possible to mitigate or shutdown can be key. Considering cryptowall threats etc. Seconds/minutes count.

To keep the UI clean it could be on by default, or even better maybe having a checkbox in admin tab to turn it on/off.

How would this feature work? You can have multiple IP's assigned to one network adapter, as well as different IP addresses for IPv4 and IPv6. You can also have multiple adapters (Ethernet, Wireless, VPN adapter, etc) each with their one or more IP addresses. Which IP would ScreenConnect display?


I agree that lately, even Desktop PCs are coming with wired and wireless NICs. But it is very weird more than 2. I think it should show whichever are ACTIVE, means that there is not 169.x.x.x. or disconnected, of course. Even shows up 2 ACTIVE (primary & secondary) IPs in a column wouldn't bother SC General Tab at all. However it is, we definitely need it. I really don't bother for IPv6 for now until this get to be a MUST, globally speaking.


This solution could have an IPv4 and IPv6 field in the general info section for the single IP'd machines (single IP is move common). Machines with multiple IPv4/v6 addresses could show the word of "multiple" on the IPv4/v6 spaces and then show a full listing of the addresses when hovered over with a mouse. I wouldn't care if it showed all the IP addresses in th IPv4/v6 sections myself. I want this feature so that I can type a LAN IP into the screenconnect search box and find PCs that use that specific IP address.


I don't think it would be much of a challenge for SC to list out multiple interface IP addresses. This feature could be disabled by default so as to not clutter SC for those that are not interested.

I would love to be able to search a list of computers for a particular IP address. There are a bunch of other reasons why the LAN side IP would be of help in my daily work.

In a Corp Environment, WAN IP is not needed info for us, but I know it is for others. However, I would keep it and ad LAN IP, that's a must.

Definitely an IP on the listing frame would be fantastic. Not much more than that though. I like the clean look of just the hostname, ip, user, and client version (for out of date clients). The rest of the information can be on the General pane.

this is something I've been wanting forever. I only see my UTM's IP address and not the end users, because the UTM is proxying the traffic for those clients that are off network. Like John said, I'm constantly going to the Command window and doing an ipconfig. But more importantly, I cannot search for a computer by IP because most of them are using the same IP (due to the proxying). As Peter said, time is of the essence in many cases.

This is one more feature we are missing from our previous remote access product, something we keep going back to it for.

I have accomplished this by using (and modifying) the Additional General Information extension. It is fairly easy to add additional fields to the extension and pull the information using WMI. I have added DHCP Server Address, DHCP Enabled, IP address (WMI pulls both IPv4 and IPv6), DHCP Server Address, and Domain Name. Code located in the Forums here: http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postst9419_Extension--Additional-General-Information.aspx


Also the MAC addresses of associated local IPs would be HUGE!!!

Most PSAs and RMMs require MAC and serial of machines for database sync purposes, and we need to hunt and peck for this info all the time.

Yes MAC address is a great thing too! Since some firewall filters and other are related to know MAC address.

Chris, I'm also using a full pack of WMI command-line (WMIC). They are awesome to use, just copy, drop into SC Command-Tab, execute them with the delay info needed to avoid instruction being stop by time-out if it take to long, done. You don't need to bother user at all, mostly. If someone need my WMIC pack let me know. (full polished since I used them often every single day)

Peter, I'd love the WMIC pack - jnelson@pintechfw.com

me too admin@ztechsolutionsny.com

1 in line please! xD

Ok, sorry for the delay. I add more today + I give you a great web site there where to get more, for insatiable people like myself. Here the link of my own collection (iDK how long the link will be valid): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzAmEUWXtkSadlNlQnpvVm9yYlU/view?usp=sharing

Note: It is NOT only WMIC commands, it's also standard CMD commands and I put some from POWERSHELL I guess, it is NOT clean and neat, it's kind of a mixed 'Cesar Salad' type, and it has some spanish description that easily can be translate on google. I know! it's a mess, but get a copy, organize it at your will, you gonna love them!! I love DROP BOMB AND AWAY!!! from SC Command Tab, since I got by myself among 200 PC to check in my day2day. So, no other time to click-click around windows. That's why I love command lines. Most of those 99% tested already. Hope you enjoy it as well !! (note: I WISH WE HAVE A PLACE WHERE TO PUT THEM HERE IN THE FORUM!!!, I hope someone is listen...) Don't forget to add these 3 lines before any command (pack) that delay more than 10 secons to response:




Let me know!

Considering for Future Release

Yes I Typically search for computers at certain branches by searching IP Addresses. If we could add that to the easily searchable parts of the general tab, that would be great.


I just wanted to update you all on this. We are currently working on an extension that will allow you to define what information you can pull from remote machines, so you will be able to specify IP address. The extension should be released in a few months, barring development delays. Thank you. 

Sounds good Max. Please keep us posted, this is something I know a lot of our techs are looking forward to!

That's great news, thanks!

the "duplicate" you created is not a duplicate. this ticket requests showing local IP address. my ticket requests the SSID, type of connection, and connection names, in addition to the local IP address. I even provided the code to do some of it.

Is this working for the local IP? I have the extension installed but I don't see the local IP...

What is the status of this?   Was this ever completed?   

The Private Network Address field (along with others) will be available in the next version of Control:


FYI all, 19.0 (previously 7.0) is in Canary!