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Option to force hosts to rename support session name instead of the default Untitled Session name

derekj 6 years ago updated by Richard Elmore 7 months ago 8

I end up with 20 to 50 support sessions from various host users at the end of each business day ALL named the default value of: Untitled Session.

This is VERY annoying.

I'd like an option to force host users to rename the support session before being created/usable.  I could also take this 1 step farther and would like an option to force unique session names so if 1 already exists with the same name, it will throw an error to the host user to rename it something unique.

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Hi Derekj,

The extension, Legacy Public Session Creation might interest you. You can enable the extension setting CreateAndJoin to force your users to enter a session name before they're able to proceed w/ joining. 


We are taking a look at the request linked below.


Do you agree with the linked request being a solution to your request as well? 

Hello Kirsten,

Unfortunately no, creating a support session with the default name of the session the same as the join code is not what i'm referring to.  All that did was create a bunch of support sessions, still all named "Untitled Session" with a join code of "Untitled Session". So I still end up with duplicate session names and less secure join codes (all the same).

Currently today, we have random 6 digit join numerical codes when creating new support / meeting sessions and I want to keep it that way.  What would suffice, is if I could either:

1) Force all new session names to be renamed from "Untitled Session" to something unique before allowing the agent to connect to it.
2) Force all new session names to be what's assigned for the join code (random 6 digit numerical code), which would make the session names unique.

if, for some reason someone tries to create a session with the same name,  I would like an option to force unique session names so if 1 already exists with the same name, it will throw an error to the host agent to rename it something unique.

I agree, i would like to force users to name their session with a unique name instead of having a list of entitled sessions.

Is it possible to force users to give a name to sessions else there will be several untitled sessions? This problem was not there in version 6.2. In version 6.2, there was option to select create session but in latest version 20.6, it first create the session and allow user to edit it with name and code. Any option available to either block untitled sessions to get created?

Would it be possible to make the default session name value the current access code or some other unique value instead of "untitled session" for every support session?

Any chance of getting any traction on this after all this time?   This did not seem to get bad until a while back when some change was made.   What are others doing to combat the continuous Untitled Sessions?

Bumping for any updates in future release.