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Deploy CW Control mobile apps with defined URL through MDM systems (.APK)

Peter Öhgren 7 years ago updated by John Case 6 months ago 13 1 duplicate

The ability to deploy mobile app of Connetwise Control through MDM systems with predefined URL to Control Server. So end users don't have to put in the correct URL when support is needed.


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"Unattended Access" feature for Android will be mostly useful in cases where companies will want to deploy it in their android device fleet for remote assistance.

For that to happen the android client will need to be somehow configurable with no user interaction, when it is mass deployed, in MDM/EMM situations


We develop for a lot of people that are not very technically inclined and having them enter in a url is probably something we'd need to remote into the first place.

Something like an api call or even just an Intent specification to the unattended access screen would help a lot.

This would be really useful for us. We manage a large number of android devices that are in use within a manufacturing enviroment. These are locked down so users only have access to 1 or 2 apps. We deploy screenconnect via MDM and auto install it. However, there are no predefined servers....

This would be a huge feature since unattended android is finally working great.

This would save a lot of time when deploying hundreds of devices.

Just recently took on a new client with a fairly robust MDM platform. This would help us to streamline our support process for their field users and decrease overall response time for iOS issues!


We're currently using Airwatch for our MDM.  I was not able to add the URL as a custom parameter, but I did find a good work around for us.  I deployed the Connectwise Control app to all devices a while back.  Next, I deployed a web shortcut to all iOS devices that points to our Control URL and called it "IT Help". 

When somebody calls for help with their iPad or iPhone, I tell them to click the "IT Help" icon on their home screen.  This directs them straight to our Control URL in Safari and asks for the 5 digit access code.  They then hit the arrow after putting in the code and it asks if they want to download Control or open the link in the Control app.

A cool thing I noticed is that it keeps the Control URL in their Control app once they go through the steps above.  I hope you guys can find this helpful.

Still waiting for the APK to be able to be built with the connectwise control URL so we can auto-deploy this through an MDM.3 years of no movement.

We need this function too .. set an url from mdm .. cant be impossible!

Yes, this is definitely a needed item so that the URL and parameters can be auto defined as part of the MDM deployment.

I just got off a chat conversation with Support for this. 
They do not support MDM.

I am looking at setting up the URL for iOS iPads. I think I might go with the work around that Jay mentioned above. Not sure why they can't support it or at least give info on what to add for the configuration attributes.

Can you please just make a .mobileconfig file that we can use with MDM solutions? I believe everything else is in place, but a .mobileconfig file would make setting the Mac permissions SO MUCH easier. The software updates continue to cause updates for our managed Macs.