Don't close session with upper right close box in the title

Miguel Jose Leeuwe 6 years ago updated by Ben 3 years ago 15

I work most of the time in full screen. A lot of times, when trying to close a maximized window, the Connectwise title bar pops up and I close my session instead of my window. This is quite annoying and my colleagues feel the same about this.

Could we disable or move that close box to somewhere else, like adding it to the the menu in the middle of the title bar?

Please implement this!  I cannot begin to count the number of times I've terminated a session rather than close a maximized application on the remote machine.  It doesn't help, also, that unlike RDP we cannot pin the menu bar to the top so we always know where the session close button is.  Thank you for your consideration!


An easy way might for the developers might be

to improve the title bar with a delay in seconds which we could set. A delay of 2 seconds for the red title bar to appear would avoid all of my accidental closing off the session.

Mike, for me it does, yes.  Anyway to get that option in a more "intuitive" location?  Most applications don't have right-click options outside of the traditional resizing or moving ones.  Based on the other application settings this doesn't make the most sense.

Edit:  Oh, and thank you very much for your reply.

yes, but then we miss out on screen resolution and size, which is not ideal on my small laptop screen. A zoom is applied in that case.

thanks for answering 😊

Thanks for the responses. I'll pass your feedback to the PM team.

Considering for Future Release

This says completed but how do you turn on whatever option was done to resolve the problem?

Hi Ben, 

In 20.5 we added the below button to the Windows host client menu to make these items more discoverable, and hopefully easier to find! As mentioned in the above thread, turning off full screen when maximized seems to fix the problem.

Are there any better fixes for this in the works? I would really like to use this application in fullscreen mode without having the monitors scaled.