Develop the ability to remotely view an iOS device

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Partner would like the ability to establish a session with a user on an Ipad.


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This is an Apple limitation. They do not allow remote viewing of their devices through a direct connection. Devices attached to Mac laptop or desktop can display a device's screen on the laptop or desktop. Then of course SC would have indirect access to the device through a session. We are currently developing a iOS guest client that will allow for some advanced functionality like co-browsing, etc...

As soon as this option is available through Apple, we'll work to include it in the product.


Please revisit. This is now possible and other solutions are already doing it - https://www.zoho.com/assist/blog/remote-support-for-ios-devices.html


This is a feature of iOS 11, due next month. Can we look forward to CW Control support? 


I love and use CW daily ... I do sure hope CW gets on board, as Team Viewer is taking lead on this one ... I would love to see this feature implemented in CW.

Hi William, 

The topic appears to be open on the forum, and it's queued up for our development team. The topic's status should update to reflect any progress, but feel free to reply back with any questions. 

Any update on this? iOS 11 added the ability for apps to access live screen sharing. Other remote support apps (TeamViewer, ZoHO Assist, & Bomgar) now have native apps that allow this feature. I've tested them and they work well. This is a "must have" feature for many MSPs who support users with iOS devices. Please consider adding this feature into current iOS app or re-design the app completely for a more native feel.


We'd like to sell this feature to clients, especially since we prefer screenconnect over Teamviewer.

Any updates or ETA on this feature?


Thanks for reaching out. This feature is 95% done-we are just working on a few UI issues. In the meantime, feel free to send me your email and I'll sign you up for the beta. Please send to mpaspa@connectwise.com. Much appreciated.


Is this feature almost completed?

I'm evaluating remote rescue systems at the moment, and Connectwise Control was highly recommended to me. Unfortunately one of my requirements is to be able to screenshare with IOS devices. Everything else about Control looks really good - if this is available soon then it would be enough to sway my decision. 



Hi Matt, the viewing aspect is finished, but we are going to release other updates to the iOS app in conjunction with the ability to broadcast. You can send me an email at: mpaspa@connectwise.com and receive access to the beta. Thank you. 

The newest iOS build is publicly available in the App Store. This build includes:

-iOS broadcasting: the ability to view the screen of an iOS device remotely. (iOS 11+)
-Added Trackpad mouse mode so hosts can use touch gestures during a session
-Updated interface and copy for better end-user experience
-Added support for iOS X's new Super Retina Display
-Provided hosts with the ability to scroll in the photo gallery
-Increased the area of movement and speed covered when using the swing motion to navigate in session

We are doing a phased roll-out through Apple, so you will have to manually update your version of the Control app. Please let us know how it's working for you. Thank you. 


- Assuming we have an MDM solution, is there a way to pre-populate the address of the server?

- Does the user have to 1) Launch the app, 2) type the address, 3) type the code, and then 4) use the settings to broadcast their screen, or is there a shorter series of steps we could follow or implement to initiate a connection?

- Is there any way or are there any plans to make this similar to an Access client as opposed to a Support Session?

- Does this work in the free version? (I'm asking as I do testing there)


When blanking the guest monitor it also blanks the monitor on the app.

Hello CW Control Development team, has there been any updates on this requested feature? 

It's already live. See above comment and take a look in the App Store.