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Better Support Large File Transfers

Matthew Swanson 8 years ago updated by Axel Taferner 2 years ago 11 2 duplicates

We regularly transfer fairly large files from our customers to our agents (typically large log files or database files) using the file transfer controls. During the transfer, the session become very laggy and unusable. We suspect this is because all of the available bandwidth is used for the file transfer.

We'd like to see an enhancement to restrict file transfer bandwidth either per session with an in-session control or to detect when other activity is happening in the client and implement a QoS-like solution to protect the control traffic.

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Better Support Large File Transfers is essentially a duplicate of this request.

Until ScreenConnect can implement something I would suggest using QoS on your firewall to prioritize certain types of traffic or put file transfers at the bottom of the list and give everything else priority over it.

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Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release

I'd like to add that what was considered to be a "large" file six years ago when this suggestion was added is probably no longer considered a large file by 2022 standards. Internet speeds have increased dramatically since then. The remote connection is sluggish and slow even for small file transfers.