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Your email servers are sometimes slow in sending out the ConnectWise Control Login Verification code (the one-time password needed to log into my ConnectWise Control account whenever my browser has updated). The timeout period is only 5 minutes and it is often already expired by the time your servers send it. I have ignored this problem in the past, but decided to submit this request today, as it took three times this morning before your servers finally sent the one-time password in less than 5 minutes. So, my enhancement request is this: (1) The ideal solution is to allow admins to set the timeout for their accounts, perhaps within a range, such as 5-60 minutes. (2) If that's too difficult, simply increase the 5 minutes to a number that is more compatible with the capabilities of your email server, perhaps 15-30 minutes. I don't see the latter as a big security risk. Thanks, Joe

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I up-voted this, but since it was submitted 6 years ago with no response from ScreenConnect/ConnectWise (in fact, still shows as Pending Review), I presume it has fallen into the infamous Enhancement Request Black Hole. :) So, I decided to submit a new request: https://control.product.connectwise.com/en/communities/1/topics/3562-one-time-password-login-verification-code-email-timeout

I am having this same problem and being locked out for 10mins before having to try again? Is there a way to removed this?



This request has been worked on and currently with the QA team. If everything goes fine, you will have it soon in the upcoming builds.

Hi Rishikesh,

Thanks for the update...that's great news! I suggested two solutions...which one did they implement? Thanks, Joe


Hi Rishikesh,

I got the one-time password request this morning. I don't know if the period has actually been increased to 10 minutes, but the email with the code still says 5 minutes:

Regards, Joe

Thanks, Rishikesh, what is the ETA for production?

Sounds good. Please let us know when it is live in production. Thanks, Joe

two hours and waiting. my customer has rung twice asking when I am going to log in. please resolve this issue asap

I take it all back.   Lot's of codes arrived but 12 hours late! 2o'clock in the morning until 04.00hours. My customer know thinks I'm negligent.!

Hi Chunky,

This issue has been resolved already. If you are still experiencing the issue, please try contacting our Support team for quick solution.

Been trying to get on all morning by the time the email arrives wit a code its timed out

Hi Badger, 

Please reach out to Support for assistance. 

I have. I'm told a cloud issue ? Its been all day very frustrating.

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