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Enhancing ConnectWise Control's Security Feature

Joel Weiss 10 months ago updated by John w. 10 months ago 7


I have a suggestion to enhance the security of ConnectWise Control.

In our MSP company, we recently adjusted the security settings for our Techs, restricting technicians from using the "RunCommandOutsideSession" feature to prevent sending commands in "bulk" outside sessions.

We propose adding a new permission: 

"RunBulkCommandOutsideSession." This way, we can give back access to send commands outside for single devices and "install access" during support sessions while keeping security intact.

Thank you.


This feature is really important and will help secure our environment too.

@connectwise, please add this ASAP



agree to above, single commands should be separated from Bulk commands


Absolutely, adding a "RunBulkCommandOutsideSession" permission is a great idea. It lets us keep security tight while giving techs the ability to work efficiently. I'm all for it.


This is a very important feature. Please add


Please add..


Very Important waiting for this feature.


This feature if approved will incredibly enhance the security of Screen Connect.

can't figure why it wasn't added to begin with.