Ability to initate/use an RDP session

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If one of our employees wants to work from outside we give them access through ScreenConnect to their PC in the company. With WOL they are able to turn the PC on at any time they want.

A better way would be if ScreenConnect could initiate a new RDP session on a given terminal server where the user can logon with his credentials so that there is no need to use of an extra PC.

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This would also allow more than one tech to connect to a server to perform tasks.

Hi Brian, I think I have got a similar request:


Do you agree?

+1 for this of course!


Very similar to mine!


I currently have a redirector setup doing the powershell RDP, but it's not very fast in connecting..


How do you accomplish this? We are looking for a workaround until this gets implemented, bleeding over this limitation over here


How do you do this? I don't have understanding how to establish RDP connection via ScreenConnect session. Can you explain this, please, or post script here? Googling not helped me.

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Pending Review

I also asked and many others expressed need for this as well in this older thread, at the time I was told this was added to feature enhancement request so there should have already been a feature request for this from over a year ago. http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postst3429p2_Terminal-RDP-Server-Session-Support.aspx?=#post19011

I don't mind if this comes via extension but we absolutely need it. I can't allow rdp any longer due to lack of audit ability and we don't always want/have access to the console session of a server.

Anyways +1 please

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If this feature is implemented, we will move from TeamViewer to ScreenConnect because we found TeamViewer doesn't have this feature yesterday.

any news about this Feature? thx

any news about this Feature? thx


We need to keep using RDP for server access for both the ability to have two simultaneous active/connected tech sessions as well as the ability to leave virtually unlimited number of disconnected tech sessions with processes running.

While we still need to be able to reconnect to our old disconnected RDP/console sessions through Control without getting hit with the consent requirement (which we only need for end-user computers), this gets us part of the way there.

If we could exclude the consent requirement from applying to disconnected RDP sessions as well as console sessions that are at the logon screen, we would be literally jumping up and down with excitement over here


This seems like a relatively basic feature that's been waiting for two years! Any update on this?


Hey there,

A method for discovering and joining RDP/VNC sessions from our UI is under development. Please keep an eye on this post for updates. 



The software already detects and lists active RDP sessions and allows you to select which one you want to connect to, as well as what account is logged on to each. It sounds like maybe you are talking about adding an option to access this feature from the web portal. That's not what this feature request is for, please create your own feature request if needed.

This request is to create a feature that allows you to create a new RDP session (probably on the loopback with your software handling the redirection of input/output) and allow users to connect to that new RDP session that did not exist when you first connected to the machine on the console (which may be in use) or other RDP sessions (also in use by other users).



It is 3 years ago that I've initiated this feature request and 3 years ago that Connectwise put this on state "Started". Any news on this?

Yes - you can choose an existing RDP session in connectwise control, but like Jeremy mentioned we would like to have a feature that:

- allows you to create a new RDP session with given user credentials

- allows you to connect to the new RDP session (only to this session and no other) with connectwise control

- don't allow you to see/join  RDP sessions of other users on the given machine

- option to use multiple monitors (mstsc.exe options span and/or multimon)

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Control Bridge. Maybe this is it?


Great work - almost ;-)

I love to see this solution and after a quick look I have these suggestions:

1. You'll have to fill in and save user credentials to use/initiate an RDP connection. If you don't enter and save the logon credentials in the bridge entry a blank screenconnect window is opened and you don't have a chance to put in your credentials manually. E.g. we want to offer this to our staff to initiate an RDP connection over SC with their credentials. Do you have any idea to solve this?

2. It would be fine if the RDP resolution could fit automatically to the size of the SC window. Giving a start resolution is great but if you could change the resolution by maximizing the window and resize the resolution of the RDP session that would be a great improvement.

3. I don't know how you managed it technically. Looking at the options of mstsc.exe these options could be really very interesting to see in the RDP implementation of thebridge, too:

- /prompt - Prompts you for your credentials when you connect to the remote PC

- /multimon - Configures the Remote Desktop Services session monitor layout to be identical to the current client-side configuration.

- /span - Matches the remote desktop width and height with the local virtual desktop, spanning across multiple monitors, if necessary. To span across monitors, the monitors must be arranged to form a rectangle.

- /f - Starts Remote Desktop in full-screen mode.

- /admin - Connects you to the session for administering a remote PC.


I wanted to add to this since the original request mentioned doing this without an additional PC.

The bridge would probably work great for server environments where a server/gateway/bridge hosting the agent could be running 24x7 but in desktop environments that might not work as well. Also companies that use Automate might not be able to use this feature. Our staff primarily uses Control in Automate via a plugin because we have all our permissions built in Automate.

  • If they integrated RDP like backstage then it could be permission based with a drop down under logon session.
  • Because the control agent is installed locally it would be able to access the registry and auto obtain the RDP port from the registry.
  • It could be tunneled via the loopback address. (we do this at my company today with other technology)
  • The control agent could auto acquire your screen resolution and feed that into the RDP session.

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Then when users are in Automate they could select RDP that would tunnel over the control session. Making more users happy with one change.

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After 5 years and several "started" and "under review" tag changes I would like to hear, if anything is on the way!?!

Yes, there is one approach: the bridge extension. But it isn't really usable for our case. In this thread there are really good ideas for integrating RDP that would give much more opportunities for using connectwise control!

@stefan - I agree.


Wow - just saw that it is 6 years and 60 likes ago for this feature request and we're still using ScreenConnect and we also still have the need for this feature!

Hey Connectwise team,

Any traction on this?

PING!!! Anything on this?

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Hey Connectwise, seriously???

Still working with ScreenConnect and waiting for this little feature…

„Started“?!? Could this be true?