Antonio 8 years ago updated by rrd2 4 months ago 7

Would like to set the AccessTokenExpireSeconds so it does not expire when I create an exe. Currently does not work according to documentation.

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You're correct, there currently isn't a way to disable AccessTokenExpireSeconds and setting it to 0 will not help.

I'm wondering what issue you're looking to solve for with this one, as there may already be something in product that can help, or a better way to manage the root cause. Also, would you mind clarifying how it's not working according to documentation?

Please not that AccessTokenExpireSeconds (time before the downloaded exe no longer connects) is different from AccessSessionExpireSeconds (when a session no longer shows on the host page after no connection from guest - 0 will disable this one).

If you are getting kicked off sessions after a period of inactivity as a host, this is more likely related to the InputIdleDisconnectTimeSeconds added in 5.5 which is set to 3600 seconds by default (and 0 will disable this one as well). The AccessTokenExpireSeconds won't kick a host from a session once joined unless ShouldRevalidateAccessToken is set to 'true'.

I've just started using ScreenConnect and bought the 1 user-3 devices subscription.  Where do you find the tokens you mentioned?  Thank you.

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