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Limit Hosts to X number of open Sessions

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From CW#7560570:

Partner would like to limit ScreenConnect hosts to only be able to open a configurable number of sessions at a time, preferably with a way to have different users with different numbers of sessions that can be open (licenses used).

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+1 for this. We really need this...

Pending Review

Is a crucial feature to add.

This would be a great feature. When a Screen Connect host opens 4 sessions, it eats into a second license preventing anyone else from using any sessions under that license. If a limitation of 3 sessions could be made, this would not be an issue.

This is really need, critical feature IMO. No controls without it... Should be able to choose the number of licenses assisgned to a user.

Update on this would be great ... we need this

Just chatted with one of your reps and find that I'm not the only one here.... would love this feature to help us keep focused. Thanks!

Considering for Future Release

I too would find this very useful. Have a couple of users I want to restrict to only 1 session at a time

I just got asked this very question today and agree that it would be extremely useful, given the licensing model.

This has been requested since 2010 and really does need to be addressed. It's a frequent problem I hear in the office. "Has anyone got a license?" It can't be difficult to add a "maximum session count" into the settings.

Hi, Can someone from ConnectWise acknowledge that they are looking at this forum and provide an update? This is a vital, but I believe simple to implement, request that will save a lot of heartache daily. Thanks

Hey Mike,

I can confirm that this request is open, but it is not one we are actively working on this quarter. I'll bump it up and have the team revisit. 


Hi, thanks for coming back. This is something that is preventing us ordering more licenses and looking at alternatives. As this request is years old I would have liked to think it would be implemented fairly swiftly as it is a very simple solution to provide  Thanks again

Please accelerate this feature request. This should have already been completed by now based on the product's licensing model. We currently have five licenses for our engineers to use. We would like to add a dozen more licenses to allow our clients to use it for secure remote access to their own machines. But we cannot without the ability to limit their sessions.

Any update on this request?

finally! Thanks. Any ETA?

Just came across the need for this today. I decided to open up my instance to another tech and he already didn't understand that he must ONLY have 1 active session at a time because it prevents me from doing my normal workflow with 2 or 3 other active sessions. I looked in the admin for a setting and none found, so I started Googling. +1 for this feature, please!

Hey All,

I don't have an ETA, but I can say we are actively working on this request. We've decided to go down the extension route, so keep an eye out on the Extension Spotlight forum. As soon as we finish development, and testing, the extension will be live. 

Thank you for your patience, and feedback! 

is there any update on this or are we still waiting for this to be implemented? its been quite some time can someone from connectwise control update this???

Need this as soon as possible as my techs are eating up all the licenses at times.


Given that this was first requested four years ago and roadmapped a year ago, it seems it is not high priority for anyone at ConnectWise. Perhaps this will help: if you actually implement this I will buy more licenses. I have been refusing to buy more licenses until I can control usage, e.g., x number of licenses are available to user type A, y number are available to user type B, and all are available to user type C. Further, by constraining access for certain user groups, this will encourage those group leaders to purchase additional seats as well.

So, please get this feature off the schneid so we can send you some more money!

Please give us an update on this.

Seems basic. Can we get this going?

I love ConnectWise, and hate Team Viewer. Sadly I am forced to continue to work with clients using Team Viewer because this FUNDAMENTAL NECESSITY is missing from ConnectWise! Can you think of ANY other licensed-based solution where the vendor provides ZERO control over how many resources a single member of staff can consume? Can someone from ConnectWise dignify us all by explaining why this hasn't been addressed in nearly 5 years? 


Seriously, how hard can this be? Reading through this thread, apparently this is a request that has been ongoing since 2010, which is 10 years ago.

Here is your algorithm:

1. Add an admin-accessible field to the Roles record called max_open_sessions.

2. When a user attempts to open a session, check that user's Role's current open session count against max_open_sessions, and decline to open if the count is greater than that number.

It requires keeping track of the current number of open sessions for each Role, which again can't be too hard to do.

Does this really need an extensive re-design, or a complex extension, that is so hard that a decade is not enough time to get it done?

Not to mention this request is in triplicate, having been asked for in other threads as shown above. At least a response from Connectwise would be nice.

Since the COVID-19 emergency (we are an Italian company) our portal is getting hammered by more hosts than before, and we are having troubles to educate the new operators. We upgraded the license, but that doesn't solve anything.

This missing feature is really a problem now.

I too would like that feature, but I would like to see it per group.

I would give a group of users access to a group of machines (their machines), but I would not want all 10 users to be using 10 of my licenses all at the same time. I would like to limit that user group to say 2 or 3 licenses.

I too would like to see this feature, but I would definately like to see it per group.

EXAMPLE: I would like to give a group of users access to a group of machines (their machines), but I would not want all 10 users in that group to be using 10 of my licenses all at the same time. I would like to limit that user group to say 2 or 3 licenses, And/or limit them per user.

I am an old Screen Connect user, using version 5.x from 6 years ago, STILL SUCCESSFULLY using it instead of LogMeIn. I bought Screen connect because I didn't want to pay monthly fees for the 20 to 30 computers I manage.

I love the software, I want to upgrade and pay for more licenses, but I NEED the control to be able to do that.

It was raodmapped 2 years ago, but no update..... disappointing.

Please add this to the next release, many users would appreciate this.  

I've given up on this, They don't care


Connectwise, can we get some type of movement on this????

ETA status etc. I posted in this forum > than 4yrs ago. This is sad on how bad the lack of communication is to your partners. You see the frustrated responses yet say nothing. This will truly over the long run have partners look else where. Nothing better than being left in the dark.

Well at least now it is under review!!!!

Lets hope that something comes of this :-)

With FIVE YEARS of development we should get top quality coding! 😅😅😅👏

We went down the route of setting bear traps under engineers desks in the event they open more than one remote session. I'm due to retire in 10 years, but I may come out of retirement to install the update should it ever arrive.

Well done! This is a kickass approach! And I'm now counting on you also for developing Control on Linux! 🤩

Still waiting as we waited for Ethereum PoS :)

Anything happening here at all?  The timeline and comms for this request is awful.

Considering for Future Release

Is there a difference between "Roadmapped" "Under Review" and "Considering for future release"??????

This thing went from "Pending Review" 8 YEARS AGO, to Under review, then back to pending review, then "Considering for future release", then "roadmapped", then backwards to "under review" again, and even farther backwards to "Considering for future release"

I mean these flags don't seem to mean anything except "lets post a flag to make them think we care about their request"!!!

How about some CLEAR COMMUNICATION, instead of the silly flags that are redundant and meaningless? Even saying, "No we can not do this at this time, and may consider it 10 versions down the road" is better than 8 years of nonsense flag posting!!!