Windows Server 2016 Support

JDrake 8 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 13

Please include support for the latest Windows Server 2016. As an MSP, we are already deploying it and need our enterprise remote tools to keep up.

Working fine here on several 2016 servers. 2016 is essentially the same code base as windows 10 anniversary update so there shouldn't really be anything to change to support it.

Hi JDrake,

From our testing, we haven't seen any issues w/ the product and Windows Server 2016. Although, we do not officially support it yet, in 6.1 we will.

Thank you. We did notice some screen misbehaviors and sometimes just got a blank black or blue screen on some systems. I was hoping to hear that a particular release was pending with official support. Any chance you know when 6.1 will be expected to be released?

I cannot provide a specific date, but we expect to release 6.1 Betas, mid November.


I recently installed the LabTech agent on a new Server 2016. It automatically also installed ScreenConnect fine.
When I try to connect using ScreenConnect, it opens the window but all I get is a black screen. None of the remote buttons work. Just letting you know.

We are having the same issue getting a black screen. Has anyone been able to resolve this?


We have a new MSP HaaS Client we are deploying and we are also having a blank black screen. The server is Windows Server 2016 Essential running on a VMware ESXi 5.5 host. The LabVNC although slow does work. We were also able the view the console via the VMware console and was able to verify Screenconnect tools (send ctrl+alt+del, restart, file transfer) work but you just have a blank screen so you can't see it.

If anyone finds a solution please share.

The Server 2016 black screen issue is resolved in ScreenConnect 6.0.