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Keyboard shortcut to switch monitors/custom shortcuts

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Hi I have been using screen connect for over 6 months now, and I would like to first say how much I like this product and that I appreciate the work you guys do.

My feature request is around working with clients on multiple monitor setups. This is frequently the case and it's not often that I can fit all their monitors on one of my screen or even stretch it across two. So in order to see clearly what is going on I often tend to view just one of the monitors but then something might get opened on the other screen and currently there is a lot of movement required to switch to the other monitor. What I would really like is a way to cycle through the monitors via keyboard.

While thinking about this it occurs to me that there are many other keyboard shortcuts that I would use and love if I could have them. So perhaps instead of you getting a feature request every time someone wants a new shortcut, you could give us a configuration file for shortcut keys. So that we can assign our own shortcuts to certain functions.

Configuration file could be a set configuration dialogue or something as well, but personally I would be just as happy with a plain text file to configure things like this.

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The ability to do this on the Mac is built in to the OS. The problem with the Mac client though is that this functionality is broken. I can see that the shortcuts have been added, they just don't work. To be clear what I'm talking about here: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH18418?locale=en_US

Oddly enough, it does work for Quit (I have re-assigned the shortcut), it just doesn't work for the monitors).


It would be great to have some toggle or shortcut for monitors. I use Chrome on a Mac with a 13" display but some of my Windows clients have 3 x 21" monitors at their end..

Considering for Future Release

Please add shortcut key/hotkey capability to switch monitors sitting at a single monitor host.  Yes, I know that a second window can be opened and windows can be switched on the task bar.  However, my users are migrating from LogMeIn where they used a hotkey to switch and it would be great to enable that functionality.  Thank you.


Ditto on the multi-monitor toggle, I likewise have clients used to LogMeIn and the way it works there. I often have clients sitting at multi-monitor systems and remotely accessing another multi-monitor system. So on screen one they have their local apps and on screen two they have their remote apps. As someone else noted, sometimes the remote application pops on the off screen, necessitating move movement and delays/impact to productivity. It's even worse when viewing the remote screen in full screen mode (avoids confusion on the clients part) because you now have to mouse up, wait for the bar to drop down, select monitor, rinse and repeat. Will it help if I say Pretty Please? :-)


I gave up on ScreenConnect and the Mac ever offering keyboard shortcuts.  We're going on years of this request not being answered/implemented.  I started using Keyboard Maestro; works like a charm!


Hey Everyone,

We are considering the idea of showing a live feed of remote monitors not in focus in the View menu. If that menu is docked, you can easily switch between monitors. This is to come soon, barring any dev delays. 

Keyboard shortcuts will still be considered! This is just one improvement that will help easily identify changes on other monitors.


Please create keyboard shortcut to toggle between monitors


Like Imrasi, it is a no brainer to have a keyboard shortcut to toggle between monitors. Thank you in advance !


Please add hotkey functionality to toggle between dual monitors from a single host monitor (laptop).

I upvoted this. We have a piece of software that uses ctrl-shift-delete as a key command and if it's running on the local computer, will capture the key sequence before sending it to the remote computer.


We're also considering switching from LogMeIn, and this is something our users really want.

I am considering switching from Bomgar. A shortcut to switch between monitors would be one of my deciding factors.

This is a really important feature for my work. I deal with people with 2 to 3 monitors and I am constantly having to stop what I am doing, grab my mouse, move up to the monitor button, wait for it to open, then click the monitor I want. It seems like a simple task but it really gets in the way of my job on a daily basis.


I've been using ScreenConnect for about six years, and the lack of a hotkey to toggle monitors is still a complete pain!!

We have dev machines with three monitors, and toggling between them using the mouse and top menu is slow and annoying.

How about a nice Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F1 - Fn or something? Is there a technical reason for not implementing this?

I would also like to see this added as a standard feature. All of your major competitors have this. I know because I have tried them all. At some point this may become a breaking point for me. Windows especially will open new windows on separate monitors constantly such as when installing a print driver. This really is a pain point.


First:        Love the Product and the simplicity and consistency of use. We moved away from LogMeIn a long time ago.

Second:   What? How is it that Multi-Monitor Toggling (Switching) is 'still' under consideration and not already in production, especially if that request was made more than 3 years ago??

Come on Connectwise Control Team... please get that done 'yesterday'!


Requesting this feature as well. Keyboard shortcuts in general, but especially to switch monitors would be amazing.

Please, Please, Please make this a priority.  It seems like a simple feature to include and it would greatly improve efficiency when working on a client machine with multiple monitors.

Requesting hot key to switch between two screens on laptop. Happy to provide more info if needed.