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Chat Pop-up Notification and Sound in Host Interface

c72f8b1c 8 years ago updated by Simonz 4 years ago 12 2 duplicates

Feature: Add an audible sound notification and 'toaster' pop-up notification in browser when a chat message is received while logged into the ScreenConnect host user interface.

Currently, a sound indicating a received chat message is played only when an active support session window is open.

No sound or notification pop up is displayed or made when a chat message is received when logged into the host interface. Only a small green dot is displayed to indicate a received chat message. It is very easy to miss a received chat message without having a support session open to a given user.

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Is there any progress on this?  I really need it.

Desktop Notifications extension will not work for me because I have ConnectWise Control self hosted without SSL.

As far as I can tell the desktop notifications addon only work if the browser tab is focused, which kind of defeats the purpose. Also if there was a way for clients to initiate chat, this would be super useful.

@jacob, wasn't aware that was the case. I'll pass this note along!

Clients can initiate chat via the SOS extension and/or the Guest Initiated Chat extension


What is the status of this?  When users send me a message, I do not get alerted.  If I keep Host Access up, then I will see a very tiny red dot.  

No traction on this at all. This alone makes us want to switch to chatgenie as it fully integrates with MS Teams and you're also able to updates tickets on the fly etc... 



Last update from CW Support:

Service Ticket#13409638/Mange New Chat Notification

Hello Milosz,

I am just reaching out to you regarding your issue with chat. I was doing research into this issue and unfortunanlty the chat notification is a hard-coded sound and you are not able to update/change it either in the system or the back-end. I can see where this feature would be extremely useful. Please consider creating or up-voting an existing Enhancement at ConnectWise.com/Enhancements.


Any update on above post...


Is there any update on this, is this feature ever going to be available?