ConnectWise Control 19.3

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19.3.23809 (2019-05-15)

19.3.23980 (2019-05-16)

19.3.24568 (2019-06-27)

19.3.24684 (2019-07-09)

19.3.24708 (2019-07-11)

19.3.24923 (2019-07-31)

19.3.24975 (2019-08-05)

19.3.25169 (2019-08-21)

19.3.25270 (2019-09-09)

19.3.25391 (2019-09-19)

19.3.25541 (2019-10-02)

Build: 19.3.25541


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Cloud, Security

Rename instance/cloudsite cookies to fix issues with logout, etc

Bug Extension Runtime

LoadError is not produced when no extension components can be loaded due to version requirements

Bug Login Page, Security

X-Login-Result can allow user enumeration

Build: 19.3.25391

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Session Groups

Unable to join sessions when session group is empty

Build: 19.3.25270

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Permissions, Server

Permissions can be incorrectly granted for subgroup members


Build: 19.3.25169

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client, Java Client

19.3+ guest clients mostly broken on Raspberry Pi


Build: 19.3.24975

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Client, Java Client

Unable to type on remote machine from Java host client

Build: 19.3.24923

Issue Type Components Summary
Task app.config

Update app.config to disable 'require consent' by default

Task app.config, Guest Client

Create app.config setting to enable/disable "Require consent"

Story-bug Relay Service

SCP-31527 SessionInfoAttributes are overwritten when host joins an existing session

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

"Require My Consent" doesn't work

Bug Server

GetServerUri can throw when deriving port from forwarded scheme

Build: 19.3.24708

Issue Type Components Summary
Story Host Page, UIUX

Make shift+doubleclick on session open the "join with options" dialog

Bug Guest Client

Rename FPSTracker to FpsTracker to match .net class library design guidelines

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Linux

Guest Java client doesn't send screen data for non-Mac operating systems

Bug Host Client, Java Client, Mobile, .NET Client, Performance

The Windows client does not auto refresh when connects to a iOS device

Bug Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Meeting Host panel extends into taskbar

Bug Host Client, Performance

Screen Capturing around Mouse looks weird

Bug Host Page, UIUX

No result shown after send email in Host Page invitation tab

Bug Login Page, Security

Invalid password question prevents user from logging in after 19.2 update

Bug Performance

Set ScreenFlushMessage MessageAttribute isUrgent=true

Bug Performance, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Improve cached entry handling for subgroups with a large number of sessions on very active servers

Build: 19.3.24684

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Page, UIUX

End Modal message update

Bug Administration Page, Audit Page, Security

Audit result data not properly escaped

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

For an access guest client setup on a macOS Mojave machine, no guest information is populated on the host page and connecting to it results in a blank screen.


Build: 19.3.24568

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Extension API ; Permissions Add ability to demand any permission via an attribute
Task Guest Client ; Performance Include FPS in trace log
Task Guest Client ; Java Client ; Mac ; Performance Implement performance updates in Mac/Java
Task Security ; UIUX Add ability in UI to set PrimaryAccessTokenEarliestValidIssueTime
Task Triggers ; UIUX Update Trigger Reference to include ModifiedGuestInfo and new relevant OldSession object
Story Host Client ; Java Client ; UIUX Add button bar to the Java Host client
Story Host Page ; Security Provide a way to 'unqueue' queued items
Story Host Page ; UIUX Updated End Modal
Bug Client Resource ; Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Windows host client tooltip banner displays incorrect string
Bug Client Resource ; .NET Client ; UIUX Fix broken windows host client button command texts
Bug Client Resource ; Guest Client ; UIUX Unable to close guest client window when .resources file disappears
Bug Guest Client ; Installer ; Java Client ; Mac 6.9.21027.6898 to 19.1 agent update breaks on Macs
Bug Guest Client ; .NET Client ; Performance WebP to ZStandard codec switching doesn't happen quickly
Bug Guest Client ; Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Deactivating a connected RDP session causes a connected host client to flash and appear unresponsive
Bug Guest Client Black screen on Windows Server 2019 Standard (headless)
Bug Guest Client ; Host Client ; .NET Client Blanking certain multi-monitor guests sends the blanked display to the host client as well
Bug Host Page ; UIUX ; Web Application Downloading the access agent build installer opens a new tab briefly
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Default references to CustomProperty1 should be "Company"
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Hardware network (MAC) address isn't rendered correctly
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Notification red dot will be cut off in narrow master panel
Bug Java Client ; UIUX File transfer progress dialog shown when reinstalling from host page
Bug Relay Service ; Server GetServerUri can return Relay port of -1
Bug Security ; Web Application Login context is not renewed as it was before

Build: 19.3.23980

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Client, Java Client, .NET Client

Change the client application directory to use it's own resource instead of ApplicationTitle

Bug Host Client, Java Client, .NET Client

ResX file Root element is missing. cannot be parsed.

Bug Host Client, Java Client, .NET Client

Upgrading from 19.3.23695.7058 to latest staging canary, 100.0.23691.7058 fails


Build: 19.3.23809

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Get rid of hover over tooltips on button panel when panel is undocked in Host Client

Task Host Client, .NET Client, Toolbox, UIUX

Toolbox panel in Host Client accidentally closes itself due to a height change

Task Host Client, UIUX

notification banner doesnt look right when windows form is maximized

Task Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Move open new monitor window to corner button

Task Host Client, Toolbox, UIUX

Improve the usability of Toolbar Panel in Host Client

Task Host Client, UIUX

Make Select Monitor Tile in View Panel larger to help users select monitor

Task Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Move to a frameless border for host and guest clients

Task Host Page, UIUX

Remove "User Forum" from user icon menu

Task Host Page, UIUX

Make the Create+ button and Join Button look nicer on Host Page.

Task Host Page, UIUX

Load Roboto Medium to host page

Task Java Client, Mac

Implement ShouldAutoConsentIfUserProcessNotRunning for Mac

Task Manage Toolbox, Toolbox, UIUX

Allow users to select multiple items in the toolbox

Task .NET Client, Performance

Investigate performance updates for Windows

Task OAuth2, SAML, Security

Accept comma-separated role names from UserInfoRoleNamesPath(OAuth) and RoleNamesAttributeKey(SAML)

Task Performance

Add ability for cache to refresh expired entries asynchronously

Task Security

Update MaxLongestTicketReissueInterval seconds to 10 hours (36000seconds)

Sub-task Host Client, Java Client, UIUX

SCP-33523 Create framework for adding macOS style buttons to Java host client

Story Customization, Host Page, UIUX

Allow build installer modal to handle HTML styles

Story Extension

CW Now Dashboard Extension

Story Guest Client, .NET Client

Allow access guest to set if a host can make a connection to their machine

Story Host Client

Add client config setting to set Backstage as default connection

Story Host Page, web.config

Provide config option for order of Support/Meeting/Access to be changed on the host nav

Story Shell, UIUX

Add new shell theme colors

Bug Administration Page, Triggers, UIUX, Web Server Service

All data list in Modal Dialog should changed to vertical layout on Mobile view

Bug Extended Auditing, Host Client, Toolbox

Change in spacing of client ApplicationTitle doesn't honor old user toolbox locations

Bug Guest Client, UIUX

Sizing issues with guest client form

Bug Guest Client, Java Client

Swapping virtual adapters on undedicated Linux Guest can result in a black screen until lightdm service is restarted

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

SessionInvalidSessionEndedMessage not rendering on Mac

Bug Helper, Host Client, UIUX

Help provider buttons take a few seconds to render and don't give any indication

Bug Host Client

Connection failure while connecting to a Windows guest from a macOS host.

Bug Host Client, Performance

ScreenFlushMessage doesn't work with old host clients

Bug Host Client, Toolbox, UIUX

Get rid of the intermediate transition state in Toolbox Panel.

Bug Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Host client inconsistently opens within bounds of host desktop

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Tall screenshots in detail panel can cause scrollbar instead of resizing

Bug Host Page, UIUX

More Options button in MasterPanel is not center aligned

Bug Host Page

Fix some of the bad code on the host page

Bug Host Page, UIUX

ShareMessage panel in Get Host Pass Modal gives error message when clicked

Bug .NET Client

ScreenRenderer Flushing has a bug due to incorrect tick vlaue

Bug .NET Client

add check to prevent OutOfBoundsException in Screen Capturing

Bug Backstage, Guest Client, UIUX

Join Backstage with Option from host page is notifying machine users