ConnectWise Control 19.5

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19.5.25543 (2019-10-03)

19.5.25549 (2019-10-04)

19.5.25569 (2019-10-21)

19.5.25637 (2019-10-21)

19.5.25674 (2019-10-24)

19.5.25758 (2019-11-04)

19.5.25786 (2019-11-11)

19.5.25817 (2019-11-13)

19.5.25838 (2019-11-14)

19.5.25928 (2019-11-25)

19.5.25995 (2019-12-04)

19.5.26030 (2019-12-09)

19.5.26194 (2019-12-19)

Build: 19.5.26194


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Installer, Mono Server

Exception during installation when changing attributes for web.config elements with child text nodes

Build: 19.5.26030


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Installer, Mono Server

TransformWebConfig doesn't transform to localhost for Linux servers

Build: 19.5.25995


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Installer

Installer runs without checking .NET 4.7.1 compatibility

Build: 19.5.25928


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Corner buttons in view panel are discolored after opening a new windows client form

Bug Reporting

SessionGuestHardwareNetworkAddress values aren't rendered correctly in reports

Bug Host Page

Login Button shift position due to Start+ button


Build: 19.5.25838


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

Cannot see remote Mac screen when user is logged out

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

Blank Guest Monitor shows blanked display in host client when connected to Mac access guests

Build: 19.5.25817


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug .NET Client, Guest Client

GuestAttributes session group filter not working correctly

Story-bug Host Client, Mac

Reboot and Reconnect not working on Mac guest machine with FileVault enabled

Build: 19.5.25786


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client, Host Client

When host client is zoomed in and scrolls slowly, bars of screen data becomes stale

Bug Web Application

*.ClientSetup.msi is missing

Build: 19.5.25758


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Mono Server

WebClient requests fail due to unsupported feature on Mono server

Task DB Maintenance, Session Manager Service

Let DB maintenance clean out "None" type events

Bug Java Client, Mac

Only seeing one screen for Mac guests

Bug Java Client, Mac

Clicks aren't properly translated to multi-monitor macOS guests

Build: 19.5.25674


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Code Signing

Update project to use new ConnectWise signing cert

Bug ClickOnce, Host Client

ClickOnceRun executable fails validation because it is unable to download ScreenConnect.ClientService.exe

Build: 19.5.25637


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Client

Remote screen image doesn't change size when maximizing

Bug Host Page

Acknowledgement dot doesn't clear from session groups correctly

Bug Server

Json serializer can throw null ref out of AsType

Bug Guest Page

Can't join support session as Guest

Build: 19.5.25569


Issue Type Components Summary
Story Host Page

Allow tech to enter a note/comment before joining a session

Task Authentication, Extension API

Add ability to authenticate via SSO JSON web token for CW Now

Build: 19.5.25549


Issue Type Components Summary
Story Guest Client, Host Client, Java Client, Mac

Investigate connecting to Mac on Catalina OS

Story Security

Require email address field to be completed for internal users

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

ClickOnceRun installer fails with "Application validation did not succeed"

Bug Authentication

Case sensitivity change in 19.2 can disable email 2FA on upgrade from earlier versions


Build: 19.5.25543


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Cloud, Security

Rename instance/cloudsite cookies to fix issues with logout, etc

Task Host Page, Session Manager Service

Hide mobile client version on host page

Task Linux, Mono Server

Upgrade Mono to improve supportability of on-premise Linux installations

Sub-task Host Client, UIUX

Save host window positions on a per-remote screen dimensions key

Story Authentication

Updated functionality for Forgot Password link logic

Story Host Client

Add UAC information to the status menu in the host client

Story Host Page

Add the ability to expand the thumbnail preview to the core product

Story Installer, Mac

Improve build installer flow for Catalina OS

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Unable to filter on GuestAttributes

Bug Administration Page, Mono Server, Setup Wizard

Mono can't handle UnobtrusiveValidationMode on SetupWizard and Administration pages

Bug Authentication, Mono Server, Security

Password hashes are not correctly transformed/maintained when upgrading the server on mono

Bug Host Client, Mac

Reboot and Reconnect not successful when FileVault 2 enabled

Bug Host Client, Mono Server

WebConfigurationManager's LRUcache evictions count reached its max size

Bug Host Client, Java Client

Keypress modifier can get stuck in buffer making it appear to not be sending any keystrokes/incorrect ones

Bug Host Page, Messages, UIUX

Long messages in Messages tab show horizontal scrollbar in Edge browser

Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

Cancelling a queued event on an offline session produces a repeating error message popup on the host page

Bug Host Page

Select boxes option text in modals unreadable in dark shell theme

Bug Host Page, Web Application

Start button in Shell theme uses hard-coded image paths

Bug Installer, Java Client

Instances with AutoReinstallOldVersionClient enabled and java clients that persistently fail to upgrade can consume gigbytes of memory

Bug Java Client

Mac file receive dialog allows guest to select folders and vice versa

Bug Java Client

Host client hung when taking a screenshot

Bug Login Page, Security

X-Login-Result can allow user enumeration

Bug Mono Server

Mono server crashes on installation/startup on Debian

Bug Mono Server, Server

Server installation fails on Linux using one liner

Bug Mono Server, Triggers

WebAction Triggers can fail to execute on mono if the object body is too large

Bug Session Groups

Unable to join sessions when session group is empty

Bug Session Manager Service

SessionManager throws when trying to disconnect on an ended session.

Bug Session Groups, Session Manager Service, Web Application

Trailing spaces within custom properties results in duplicate subgroups with same number of sessions