ConnectWise Control 20.3

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20.3.27122 (2020-03-03)

20.3.27172 (2020-03-05)

20.3.27195 (2020-03-06)

20.3.27318 (2020-03-16)

20.3.27433 (2020-03-23)

20.3.27497 (2020-03-25)

20.3.27555 (2020-03-31)

20.3.27703 (2020-04-07)

20.3.27887 (2020-04-16)

20.3.28091 (2020-04-28)


  • Mono build currently unavailable

Build: 20.3.28091


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Performance, Relay Service

Improve Relay action scheduler performance

Bug Authentication

Authentication with SAML/ADFS fails after upgrade to 20.3

Bug Host Page, Session Groups

Cannot cancel queued events

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Relay mixes up order of messages, causing screen artifacts

Bug Session Manager Service

Sessions incorrectly identified as ended

Build: 20.3.27887


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Session Groups

$OTHER* variables in filter expression breaks the host page

Bug Session Groups

Misconfigured subgroup expression causes calls to GetAccessToken to fail which prevents hosts from connecting to sessions

Bug Administration Page

Audit log result is missing session events, IP addresses and more

Build: 20.3.27703


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Client, Java Client

Mac And Linux Host Rendering is extremely slow

Bug Mono Server

Mono server setup wizard does not open after installation

Bug Mono Server, Relay Service

Mono server crashes when starting relay service due to missing SameSiteMode enum

Bug Security, Web Application

Reset password link has two periods in the instance URL

Build: 20.3.27555


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug web.config

Web config transform error occurs when upgrading cloud staging instance

Build: 20.3.27497


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Java Client

sync changes to .net client endpointmanager retry/ping logic to java client

Bug Guest Client, Performance

Client reconnection logic can cause constant reconnection in certain high-load scenarios

Build: 20.3.27433


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Server

WaitForChangeManager updates break backwards compat w/ extensions

Build: 20.3.27318


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page

Appearance page broken on latest 20.2 and 20.3

Bug Server

Extensions broken in 20.3

Bug Setup Wizard

Site can't be reached after completing setup

Build: 20.3.27195


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Guest Page

Guest page broken on IE

Build: 20.3.27172


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Relay Service, Session Manager Service, Windows Server

Relay service can still hang when stopping

Story Authentication, Security

Add ability to configure samesite default value for authentication cookies to handle Chrome 80 changes


Build: 20.3.27122


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Security

Updated default password requirments

Task Audit Page, Security

Show user-deleted commands in audit log

Story Audit Page

Add multi-select to Session Event Type filter on Audit Log

Bug Cloud, Guest Client, Server

Can't download client due to xml exception

Bug Host Page

Unable to join sessions

Bug Host Page, Server

Unable to create Support/Meeting/Access sessions

Story-bug Host Page, Server

Unable to join Support/Meeting sessions or build Access sessions

Task Authentication, OAuth2, SAML, Security, User Sources

Log user out of IdP when they select "Logout" in Control

Task Extension

Add ability to purchase third-party licenses from the Extension Marketplace

Task Host Page, Performance, Session Manager Service

Improve performance of PageService and SessionManager

Task Java Client

Add the 'Send Folder' menu item to the 'File Transfer' menu of our Java Client.

Task Relay Service, Server

Use .NET thread pool for running actions rather than our separate threads

Sub-task app.config

Create a transform from UserInterfaceSettings.EnableGuestRequireConsentToggle => SystemSettings.IsUserAllowedToRequireConsent

Story-bug Mobile

'SystemSettings' does not exist in the current context

Story Guest Client, Linux

Improve linux screen capture encoding - Ubuntu 18

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Host client doesn't retain previous size when minimized

Bug .NET Client, Extended Auditing, Mono Server

Exception attempting to transcode a zstd-encoded capture on a Mono server

Bug app.config, Guest Client

No elegant way to back out of Guest enabled Consent

Bug Authentication, Web Application

Authentication can fail when a Host has an extremely large number of permissions

Bug Guest Client, Mac

Mac multiple Screen performance is really slow

Bug Guest Page

Joining a meeting as guest under IE does not use entered participant name for the session

Bug Host Page

No thumbnail preview for Catalina macs

Bug Host Page, Session Groups

Error occurs when re-opening chat of a session that no longer exists within the UnacknowledgedEventCount session group

Bug Host Page

Modal dialog lack of bottom padding when joining a meeting panel

Bug Host Page

Cannot join session until open any other modal

Bug Host Page

QueuedReinstall and QueuedCommands do not work

Bug Installer, Server

WebConfig Transformation within serverinstaller does not handle situations when the web.config file is in use

Bug Installer

Server installer fails due to transform error

Bug SAML, Server

Misconfigured SAML can cause server unresponsiveness

Bug Session Manager Service

Fix concurrency error with session group info

Bug Session Manager Service

Fix session manager lock delay

Bug Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard password hint label is not right

Bug Relay Service, Session Manager Service, Windows Server

Relay service hangs when stopping

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client

Shift key gets stuck switching languages

Story-bug Host Page

Adding event from subgroups on host page doesn't show up immediately

Story-bug Host Page

Empty subgroup information does not update automatically

Story-bug Session Groups

Deleting sessions with specific filter will cause an error on session list

Bug Administration Page, Extension, Web Application

Wrong text for title text of extension settings modal

Bug Cloud, Licensing

NullReferenceException in LicenseRuntime.Initialize crashes cloud instances

Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

First session creation attempt does not register on a new, idle server

Bug Host Page, Server, Session Manager Service

Incorrect handling of NULL in session filter manager

Bug Session Groups

Notification dot doesn't show on all subgroups

Bug Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Invalid session group filter syntax has the possibility of taking down the server process


Hide/show reference are both showing up on edit session group modaldialog