ScreenConnect 24.2

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24.2.1 (2024-05-15)

24.2.0 (2024-05-13)

Build: 24.2.1

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Installer, Web Application

Instance web pages can fail to load due to bad Web.config transform on upgrade

Bug Java Client, macOS, Performance

MacOS Guest - scrolling with trackpad through SC is unusably slow


Build: 24.2.0

Issue Type Components Summary
Feature Database, Security Manager Service

Add database maintenance for security events

Feature Host Page, Java Client, Linux

Show operating system installation date for Linux OS on General tab

Feature Host Page, Java Client, macOS

Show operating system installation date for macOS on General tab

Feature Manage Toolbox, Toolbox

Add new Run Tool options to Host page

Task .NET Client, Guest Client, Toolbox

Remove client service fallback to SYSTEM process

Task .NET Client, Host Client

Add ability for WindowsSelector to be pre-installed

Task Event Triggers

Allow triggers to fire only during certain configureable time frames

Task Extension API, UIUX, Web Application, Web Server Service

Add runtime compilation support for TypeScript and NPM dependencies

Task Guest Page, Host Page, Login Page, UIUX

Improve Embedded theme

Task Permissions, Security, Toolbox

Separate toolbox permissions from file transfer permission

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, Performance

Screen messages are sent when host client is minimized

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

View Menu exceeds host client border

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

Extra gray border around Windows host client view port

Bug .NET Client, ClickOnce, Code Signing

ClickOnce exes appear unsigned with Windows certificate padding check enabled

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Installer

Unexpected "Host has ended the session" message when connecting to support guest using the Windows Installer

Bug Admin Page, Event Triggers, UIUX

Bad responsive wrapping on Trigger page

Bug Authentication, Event Triggers, Security Manager Service

User source information is not populating into security event triggers

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Linux

After upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1, the client service fails to start on boot

Bug Host Client, Java Client, macOS

Mac host client: session name disappears from host client title bar after expiration

Bug Manage Toolbox, Server, Toolbox

Null toolbox item icon causes server toolbox to fail to load

Bug Performance, Web Server Service

Instances can hang after changing web.config setting