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Have you checked out the extensions that you can add to allow people to download an unattended installer from your ScreenConnect portal? You can password-protect the download option. You could provide a link to your portal and the password via email

We made this work by setting the LAN IP as a global environment variable and then calling the already present hostname variable and the new IP address in the ScreenConnect installer, so our sessions follow a '%HOSTNAME% - %IP%' format. When you hover over the ScreenConnect tray icon (customized with our company logo), you then get the hostname and IP address. The bad news is that if we change either values after install, the session name isn't updated. We'd like to see this too so that we don't have to use this workaround

Same here - we have some users that aren't IT that need access but have no reason to be accessing after hours. We're subject to HIPAA and PCI so if we could incorporate time restrictions into roles somehow that'd be ideal

This should be disable-able as well if implemented for those of us subject to HIPAA and PCI compliance

This should be optional, at least for unattended sessions - we want the tray icon always viewable because it's how we get the name and IP of the computer from users to know which computer to connect to (we used env. variables in the install)

Maybe a main window with tabs for each open session for easy switching