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I don't think any ConnectWise employee will ever read this forum. How else can a feature request after FOUR YEARS! still have the status "pending review". There are also never any statements from any ConnectWiese Admins to this request.
That's really sad, because I truly like ConnectWise Control.

4 years and still not implemented. Unfortunately, this is usually the Control speed. It takes always many years time until a Feature Request is implemented. Its really sad. The product would be so good.

I have a similar request.

By default every new support session is named “Untitled Session”. Identify log entries to it's session is not possible.

Only if a technician chances manually the session title it gets a unique title. Unfortunately, manually adjusting a session title is easily forgotten and not practical in busy situations.

It should be possible to set a variable to add automatically the name of the technician to a support session title. (Similar to UnderControlBannerTextFormat configuration.) So we could identify easily the log entriys to it's session.

Alternatively to this, it could also be helpful if a title of a support session would automatically be supplemented with the unique session number.

Kick host from session, but leaves the guest alive on the host page. We need this feature too. Is this on your road map? When can the community expect the introduction of this feature? (Now since three years unter pending review.)

Hi Caitlin

To built a sesstion group of duplicate entries with a session filter as descriped by Silas Sulser, is not a good solution if you have several thousend computers. The performance to build this session group is very bad and, even more importand, you can't sort this by number of multiple entries. The session group is automaticaly sorted bei computer name, which makes no sense in this case.. (Except, there is a way to change the sort order, which I don't know.)

I am very sure, a solution to find duplicate entries and to delete the oldest one would be very importand and helpful tool for a lot of your customers.

When a Windows client causes problems, our support staff often reinstall a computer. They don't want to waste time on time-consuming troubleshooting. This means that a Comuter OS will be reinstalled over an existing installation. The computer name remains the same than before.
Therefore the ConnectWise Client will be reinstalled on the computer, just like any other software. This will result in duplicate or multiple entries on the ConnectWise host page.

We have more than 3000 PC Clients. Every day there are more an more duplicate entries due reinstallation of client operating system. To clean up ConnectWise Control manually is not an acceptable solution.
Can you please implement a tool, thats allows us to search dublicate entries and to delete the oldest one?

Since password stuff is all done via our AD server, it would be great to be able to disable the "Forgot Password" link on the logon page. This would help us to prevent that folks get confused on where to accomplish the reset.

Nice would be the possibility to add an an mail-to link by that users could send automatically an email to our support team.

Please ConnectWise team, add a feature like this in the next version.

The first request to change this was placed two yeas ago, and still under review!!!

How long will it take now to implement this? I hope not again two years.