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We also have this issue with connecting to AWS Instance's.  With RDP we can easily connect to a remote server with no physical monitor and tell MSTSC to virtualize across all three 2k Displays at a techs workstation but with ScreenConnect (Control) we have no way of doing this....  

Are there any plans for additional fields to allow for different access roles within SAML?  Currently the way it seems configured we can either assign all SAML users to a single role or not at all.

Any movement on this?  If we do not see this on the road map soon I may be forced to move to another remote access client which is not something I am thrilled about...

Some settings that would be useful on a per session group basis:

  • AccessLockMachineOnDisconnect:  While we would like this on POS machines, servers and such, for user computers around the office this is generally not the way we want to leave a support session after helping someone.
  • AccessShowUnderControlBanner:  We would like this for personal computers for executives, corp office etc but would not like to have a store know if we are monitoring a POS or store device.
  • Change certain Commands:  On executive and corp employees we do not want a tech to have access to Block control or blank a users monitor, yet these can be essential when trouble shooting a POS or store computer.


I would like to see this available both ways.  Based on a custom property would be very useful for things like servers but I would also like to specify different app.config settings based on a group.  One example of this would be that we currently allow technicians in with no prompt for access as they are often remoting into machines that do not have someone at the box but we do not want this action for say a group that contains all of the VP's or HR's computers where they may have access to sensitive information.

Would like to see an ability to enter multiple credentials on the admin web portal that would be able to be asigned to differnet security roles so that different techs could be assigned credentials for specific access levels without actually needing to know the password's

We would like to be able to deploy passwords across the company in a similar fashion. Would like to be able to administer login credentials for Admin accounts tat then would be assigned to different security roles so that actuall passwords do not need to be given out to individuals but would be able to use screen connect to send stored passwords to a remote device