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Hey Joseph is it started or under review?   Getting spammed with all the status changes is getting old.  I'm not really pissed or anything but really, why all the changes to status.

Are there any plans to support the all the Duo 2FA methods? Right now only push is supported but Duo can use many more methods (multiple mobile devices, OTP, SMS, phone call, bypass code, hardware token, etc) and their API makes it very easy for the user to choose the device and method they want to use to authenticate with.

Good to hear. They supported Connectwise out of the gate but not LabTech. That obviously changed in the months since we left them.

One thing is for sure - it would be nice for the Connectwise family of products to support one 2FA product across the entire line.

Control supports a number of 2FA methods. I definitely would not argue against AuthAnvil but considering they were purchased by Kaseya it seems unlikely (their new cloud product doesn't even work with LabTech)

This is something that Passportal is working on. I'd suggest speaking with your rep there as you may be able to take part in the testing.

This could be dangerous - password saved in browser and 2FA "ignores" machine: 2FA just went to 0FA.

" is being implemented in the spirit of being a compliance measure, which shouldn't have any "loopholes" once set by an admin on the server."


AlwaysEndSessionOnExit can be defeated by the host (support tech) killing the ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe task on their machine. Doing this disconnects the host but leaves the session running for them to come back to later. This is effectively the same as choosing end session which is no longer an option for them.

I noticed that and I am using the pre-release version. Unfortunately there is no indication of how to use the Duo authentication.