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Add a Giant Arrow pointing to the Download that users need to open and run.

steven owen 7 years ago updated by Oli Terry 6 years ago 15

Users do not read. Period. They just click on the "Run" image that is displayed on the instructions page. Please add a GIANT, obvious arrow pointing to where they need to click to actually open and run the download. I use this program at least 20 times a day, and this would save me hours of explanation and confusion from users who don't read the instructions page.
Thank you!

As an alternative, I'd like the option to change or remove the "example image" that shows the users what to click on.  I also have a problem whereby the majority of my customers will click on the example image that tells them to click on RUN.  This pushes the actual request behind the browser window.  They then can't get to it.  If the image wasn't there at all, it would be a massive improvement and save me hours.

Please try the Guest Download Assistant extension, which adds an animated "Click the downloaded file" element to the Guest page. More info about that extension is found here:




It's nice to have a reply after 4 months, but I'm afraid 90% of my customers use either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, so this isn't a huge help for me.  It would be better if the original image could just be removed ...... It's just too confusing.

Is this still under review?  I have no idea why there should be the huge example in the middle of the screen.  I don't have a single customer that DOESN'T click on it and ask why nothing is happening.  Please just remove the image.

Hi Oli,

Our dev team is going to see what can be done to extend support to IE and Edge. The images displayed will be updated to appear less realistic, see example below.

This change is scheduled. 

Is your Control server hosted locally? If so, you can edit the images to overlay "Sample" or rename files so they don't appear. 

C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenConnect\Images

That would be perfect!!! My server is not hosted locally unfortunately.  Do you have an ETA for this change?

I can't say for sure what release it'll come with, but we are aiming for 6.7 :)

No more progression on this? 

The change mentioned above is in 6.7. A canary build will be out within a week or so. 

This still hasn't happened?

Hi Oli,

6.7 is stable, and the join dialog images have been updated. 


The request to have the Guest Download Assistance extension work in Edge is being reviewed by our Extension Development team.  

I guess that'll be why I haven't seen the change.  Why hasn't my cloud hosted package updated yet then please?

Updates are rolling, but you can manually update.  Here's a doc to help you out: 


Please keep in mind this will momentarily take down your instance. Instances could take a couple of minutes to come back online depending on their size.  You may want to start your update off peak hours, jic.

Perfect.  Thank you.