Allow more customizations of the blank screen option

Michael Bannerman 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 25 3 duplicates

The software allows sending a black screen to the remote (actually its a text on a black background)
What if we can send a .pps file or a jpg,png or any other to relax the user while we are working at the background
and there should be a timer on the right down/up corner so that it will show us connection time like we have been connected for 03:11 ... and goes upward

for us this is a must feature cause we have plan to send a pps file that has ads in it and the technician information like our support team, their certifications etc...

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would also like options like the last connected time and the session period in that connection etc... so that the user will be relaxed and can be patient


the option to display a graphic as well as custom text and font ,size and color .

Pending Review
Pending Review
Considering for Future Release

This has recently become an issue for us too, would like to be able to replace the words with a graphic, the count up timer is a addition but for us replacing the black screen with words with a graphic would be great.


Yes, It would be great to be able to add a Company Logo or just a help desk image.. Some sort of graphic here would be wonderful!

Considering for Future Release

So this was considered for a future release a year ago, then crickets?  Then again considered?  You guys confuse me.


Is this still being considered for futures release? Also, anther aspect that could be helpful would be able to customize the black blank screen text by a per-session basis or group basis.


Actually this is more important than many other features and bugs fixes of recent.  When remotely operating a system, clearly we are not at the computer.  Too often the local user, thinks there is a problem with their computer, or blisfully ignores the fact and either starts using the computer, thus the block and blank features are used, so the local user sometimes will still try to use the computer and may simple turn it off, hard reset or other methods.

The uninformative ConnectWise black and white text screen is quite useless.  What is needed is one of these options:

A) A method of customizing the text

B) A graphic that can be placed instead of the text

This will be a vast improvement to the current, and should be extremely easy to implement.

There is a field to configure the text on screen.  I had set it up at one point years ago, looking for the details now.

Found it, field is BlankMonitorMessageFormat



@Dave Henderson, @CFBDAVE is correct. You can find BlankMonitorMessageFormat under the Appearance page

We plan on targeting the Appearance page this year (Q2-Q3). This request, along with others, will be considered.

Considering for Future Release

Maybe show a webpage to make a dynamic content ?


Up voted. Let us customize the blank screen option further than the simple text swap. Let us have more options like placing a custom art/wallpaper so we can brand the blank screen. That black screen with white text is kind of boring.

Also fix the blank screen issues with multiple monitors (it either blanks my screen as well or freezes my view, I cant work until I unblank it). It has been going on forever and still hasn't been fixed.

It would be great to be able to add a Company Logo or just a help desk image.


Its been years and still no updates. TeamViewer implemented a nice blank screen images a while back. Can you please add something like that plus let us customize it a bit with our information. Right now I have set it up with a black screen and my name and number so people know Im working on their computer. It gets the job done but it just looks so basic.

It would be nice to not have to be admin to change this.  If there is an option implemented where this can be changed, it would nice to allow each user to customize their own screen as needed.  I am a user of the system but not an admin, however there are times where I would like to be able to put a custom message that maybe gives a time frame for the machine to be down.  Some people may just not see the screen they are used to and power cycle the machine or something and then we have a bigger problem.  This ability would be a great addition to ScreenConnect.