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Sorry for the delayed response on this one.  

Today, you can use the session filter 

UnacknowledgedEventCount group all unanswered requests.

To manage these messages, create a new Session Group to show only machines that have had a new message within the last 10 minutes (this is configurable). Here's an example of the session filter to keep the unacknowledged event in the session group for 10 minutes after the event was acknowledged:

UnacknowledgedEventCount > 0 OR LastAcknowledgementEventTime > $10MINUTESAGO

If you need more time, $XDAYSAGO is also an option.  

Please let me know how this works out for you.

We're working on an update that we hope will be in released in version 23.1 or 23.2 that will better fulfill this request.  I'll provide updates once timelines are more finalized.  

What's your support ticket number?  I'll ask someone to give you call.  You can send it directly at

Currently working on this issue.  Early ETA would be April barring a delay, but I'll try to update again in a week.  

To clarify, you want to be able to say Machine A is unavailable for backstage connections, but Machine B is is not available for backstage connections?

We did add a new user role based permission: EnableBackstageLogonSession:

You could take "EnableBackstageLogonSession" off the groups you'd like to restrict.  Would this work for you?

Instances in our cloud, running current versions of the CTRL, are using SQLite and are performing well. We have examples of instances of CTRL in our cloud running 30K+ agents, instances running 250+ concurrent connections, and instances with  with DBs over 200GB. 

There are no plans to add additional DB options for the product at this time, but we'll continue to look for ways to improve the product to scale for Enterprise.  At the moment the DB is not the best opportunity to improve performance.

It would be helpful to learn more about your on premise set up, @cody.  Feel free to reach out

We added a notification to the Window CTRL host client to indicate when credentials have been store in 19.0.  Sorry we forgot to update the post.  

Just an update on this one.  Chrome for iOS currently does not support webrtc, which is the technology used by View at this time.  We're continuing to monitor the situation.  We'll leave this issue open for voting and updates. As an FYI, View will work with Safari on iOS devices.

Hi Peter, 

Can you expand on your request?  At first glance, I would think this would be done by the IdP, but maybe I'm missing some info.

- Fix issues with transferring large files. Typically if I try to download 60MB to 130MB file (some installer) then it fails, no warning, no alert, no recovery. Work around is keep trying till it works.

Hi Steven, 

Are you still seeing transfer failures in newer versions of the product? What Control version are you currently using?

Hi David, 

You can change the default page in the web.config.  Look for this line: 

<forms cookieless="UseCookies" loginURL="~/Login" defaultUrl="~/Host" timeout="525600"

then sub out