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We tried using the screenconnect app but it doesn't work. We don't have a way to remotely connect now, it is a need for us. We mostly support iOS devices and Android devices.

We get complaints from our clients too. Even though we try to tell our techs to close the chat if they can, they still miss it. I think this would be a good fit:

- Disable the chat if no one is connect. When someone is connect, enable the chat.

- If the client right clicks on the icon and selects open, it allows then to send an e-mail to ConnectWise aka open a ticket. Include the workstation name, current user log in. It would be a nice feature.

Hey Kirsten,

I spoke to support and they taught it was that but it's on the web site itself, see the image below. I was told that option from the ScreenConnect portal goes to the dev team. The Support tab on the portal can be changed to go any website, which is great. If the Give Feedback tab could be the same, that would be awesome.

Much needed feature. Give an option to the end user to reset or request password reset.

That would be pretty nice to have a option for 2FA via Control. Either a native built in feature or intergration would be awesome

This intergration would be big, especially for MSP. Being able to auto login to servers via Control would be awesome