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If ConnectWise Control can do remote printing, I don't see why they can't do this as well?

I think Thomas means virtualizing the mic in your local PC and forwarding it to the remote PC, so that — like the remote print feature — the local mic is selectable on the remote PC.

Related to this feature request:

I'm on v21.14 (cloud) and it's not working. I reinstalled the agent and everything, still no luck

I too would like to see this happen

The current lineup of Apple devices (MacBook Air, Pro, iMac) all have M1 chips, the age of Intel is no more

I’m joining the chorus. I’d love to know when this is happening. Rosetta2 is a workaround, not the solution.

This is what's posted on ConnectWise Home.

The Microsoft docs link is to this page.

No solution is offered, but as I wrote above, registering as an enterprise app seems to be the best (only?) way.

This bug still occurs, unfortunately

Rikesh, you should still keep this feature request open, since like jeffrey.robinson I would like a way to select which machines to delete command history from. The extension deletes EVERYTHING, it doesn't give us any choice.