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To add some background to this, we're increasingly seeing our customers moving towards mixed / MacOS workstations, and supporting MacOS for BYOD.  We LOVE ScreenConnect and don't want to replace it - but we need something that will work reliably and easily on MacOS including ad-hoc sessions.  The current situation with signing etc is not good, but if it is going to get worse then we might have to look for another solution even though we REALLY don't want to.  I don't know enough to contribute anything technical on this, but I want to plead with you to really exhaust EVERY option - imagine if you're the only remote control solution to crack this one... that's a unique selling point right there!

Perhaps our config is slightly different to your Bernhard but we don't have a chat option in the right click menu of the icon.  If user double clicks the icon then chat appears which obviously we'd like to be able to prevent - but I don't understand why this is something your users would do - we've never had any of ours do it.  Nor have any ever complained about the auto-reply if a tech chats them, disconnects, and then they reply.  Obviously I'm saying yes to the enhancement, but pointing out we don't have to suffer until then as workarounds are available which should be usable (though not ideal) for most situations.

It would be nice to be able to see it and respond to it.

Until this gets released - there is an auto-answer plugin that can be used to inform users that no-one is connected and to call / email you. You could also hide the icon (make it transparent  / whatever).


We're only running 1000 agents, and every time I try to run an audit report for a 4 day period it times out and crashes the browser.  It's impossible to run this report, I have to run one day at a time. This NEEDS a proper DB. My vote's for mysql, but honestly I dont' care as long as it's not SQLShite which is totally unsuited to operating this at scale.  We'd like advanced auditing, but every time we've tried turning it on it makes the system unusable due to DB size.

ScreenConnect is a much better name than ConnectWise Control............. Should have saved the money on the rebranding. ;-)

I can see two use cases here - either a specific group of machines needs recording (regardless of user), or specific users needs everything recording (regardless of machine). If either user or machine are set to record, then recording is automatic and can't be stopped. Thanks

I just had my session.db corrupt because I was trying to read the session data for reporting and the DB browser died. This NEVER happens with proper DB engines. Thankfully that file only contains a month of auditing data that my boss wants a report on by the end of the day... Nothing important then! :-(

Doesn't windows have a tool for this already?