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FWIW - you can script restarts / commands with the API / RMM+ API and schedule the call to the API. 

why not host it yourself and do this on your firewall that way the IPs can't even connect to the server?

Many of the servers (and some desktops) we support have no monitor or KVM plugged into them and we don't have this problem.  Your problem probably lies elsewhere - such a video card driver or some other cause of blank screen.  To troubleshoot - try changing a computer to the MS basic video adaptor driver, then reboot and see if it's resolved.

We have a similar problem. Chassis serial number, CPU serial, and main NIC MAC should be a good start for de-duplicating.

Why not host it yourself, potentially in your office or a close data center - it'll probably be cheaper too

Ah - I'm with you now.. sorry, not enough sleep or coffee I think. I thought I saw an extension or way of polling these faster in one of the .config files but I can't find it now.

Email me as it's a bit long / complex for here - but I certainly have a couple of API calls that will get you started (including for given SC GUID how long has machine been on / offline), along with how to do that from PowerShell or PHP.

I agree on this, though perhaps a toggle in the session to control this would be good.

For your unusual use case - why not use a scheduled script (like PowerShell) and an API like RMM+ to do exactly what you want?

If you mean Edit or Update Client Launch Parameters - you can do that now (v6.5.16479.6613), tick the boxes and use the links on the right.

If you mean something else, I think you need to explain what you mean by "update the guest info".