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I say no. All log times should be in UTC always to eliminate any confusion over the actual time something happened.  This is very common practice in log handling. This is especially important where it's an API / M2M interface. 

Any chance of getting ahead of this game in future so support is ready before the OS is released?

We don't control when our customers update - and Mac users seem to LOVE updating on release day.


If you want a "thick" app -  just wrap the web UI in Chrome and turn off the menu bars etc. ;-)  That's basically what the Spotify thick client is for example.  Check out the --app switch for Chrome.

One of the joys of SC is the great web app that just works.  User authentication via LT is a whole different issue completely unrelated to thick client. 

Suggested workaround - use LT to push the client to machines where it's been uninstalled. Could automate this by just dropping the correct command in the commands table. 

OR - just use LT to remove the registry entries so it's not listed in "programs" control panel. Also easy to do. 


With LT plugin now forcing customers to use HTTPS on SC, the router service is vital to ensure reliable operation without getting blocked by firewalls. Please bring this into support, and move towards this as default configuration.

We have seen security issues related to this.  Multiple techs connected to one target machine, and the clipboard becomes shared even if SC does not have focus.  This means SC will insert tech1's clipboard content into tech2's clipboard. Well intentioned, but not good.

If this is implemented it must be optional.  Control of our own version is one reason we refuse to use SC hosted. 

For our use case, we don't want to broadcast to ALL machines - but we want to be able to send message to specific machines which automatically pops up (not just flashes in taskbar) and which doesn't have the option to reply on it.   Currently we use API to send messages to specific machines, but message often just flashes in taskbar and users don't see it, or users read it and reply even though message says it's automated and don't reply... 

If ported to MySQL, devs would need to be careful to ensure proper full backup handled properly (given lack of VSS).  We recently had hell with LabTech because their DB backup process is only partial, and we didn't fully understand the implications of lack of VSS support (restored server had completely useless DB) - so SC need to be careful to design something better - even if it's just dump the WHOLE database to a file-per-table zip file at a configured time. 

Thanks @A Simm, in which case it clearly CAN be done, and we need it to be done. The company (we already use) that we consider a direct competitor to LT uses LMI, and while we don't want to use them instead of LT - this is another nail in the coffin for LT / SC having a place in our business.