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Kaspersky Interaction

John (Armordyne) 8 years ago updated 2 years ago 44

Currently I am having issues with Kaspersky blocking my input when i connect to a customers computer. It happens using both support and access sessions.

On access sessions i can set it up before hand to allow interaction with Kaspersky but for support sessions that isn't an option as i may get a cold call from a customer with an issue. Also every time screenconnect updates i have to change the setting in kaspersky again.



Hi All,

The Control clients are now on Kaspersky's Whitelist, if anyone runs into an issue please let me know. 


Good Morning,

We followed up with Kaspersky on your request, and they recommended...

Please ask this customer to disable Self-defense in Kaspersky Internet Security:

It is enabled by default.

Please send me a direct email, if this does not solve the problem.

I have done that on our access sessions that we have setup. However most of our support sessions are older folks that would rather us just login and fix it without them doing more than clicking a link and typing a code in. Is there no way to get screen connect whitelisted? we didnt have this problem with Logmein or teamviewer so there must be some way to make it work.

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Has there been any news on this? i see it was reopened 2 weeks ago


Hello John,

We have reached out but have not received an update from Kaspersky regarding this issue. This is a problem on their end and not within our power to fix.

Thank you.


As I remember , this has been an issue for years. You say your reaching out to them but it seems its falling on deaf ears . Is there a solution to this likely in the near future? Is there anything the community could do , with regards to putting some preassure on Kaspersky?? Please let us know.

I agree is there anything we can do on our end to get this resolved


From what I can see , Kaspersky's self defence is blocking ScreenConnect. However , it doesn't block logmein or teamviewer. Is that because a) Kaspersky are willing to work with Logmein and not screenconnect OR B) logmein found a way around the problem?

If a) then is it possible to put a bit of pressure on Kaspersky. Find the right person in the organisation and ask them what needs to be done from ScreenConnect to get things working?

If this is a non-starter, is there another program which can by-pass Kasperskys self-defence? Something quick to load and which could manipulate Kasperskys GUI ?

As a workaround i have been using screenconnect to load teamviewer's quick support launcher and then just disabling kaspersky until i am done working on the computer. However this is not an ideal solution

Ive been doing something similar with my logmein account. Probably takes longer than your way though (since I wouldn't really call my way 'quick'!) . Since Im already paying a few hundred/annum for logmein Im not too keen to pay again for Teamviewers quick connect. Im probably like you, Im looking for a solution which allows me to connect to Kaspersky to do upgrades and re-new licences. Ive got at least a couple of hundred PCs with Kaspersky on them and it takes nearly 15 minutes to go through the motions of installing logmein temporarily, making screenconnect trusted then uninstalling logmein.

Telling the user to disable self defence is OK in theory but obviously the geeks at Kaspersky who suggested this don't live in the real world! Older people get really confused ..the word 'Kaspersky' in itself can cause brain melt downs for the over 70s , what a power-user would do in 20 seconds would take 15 minutes of major confusion amongst other folk.. In fact Ive given up trying to explain many times . Then there's the customers who EXPECT you to do everything without them lifting a finger ..they wouldn't lower themselves to this sort of assistance and of course the servers and PCs which are unattended...who's going to help with those the resident Ghost maybe!

Logmein got around this, as did Teamviewer. I think I'm correct in my assumption that its simply a matter of money talks? Logmein/Teamviewer paid Kaspersky to make it compatible and screenconnect wont or its going to cost too much!

that pretty much been the issue i am having as well is trying to walk some of our older customers through turning off self defense takes longer than sending them a link to click.

I'm starting to think Kaspersky wants money to make it work or something similar.

I just ran into this again today using ScreenConnect 6.2

As others have stated, it's pretty annoying that it's impossible to interact with Kaspersky using ScreenConnect without manually reconfiguring Kaspersky ahead of time. This is really annoying when connecting to a new computer for the first time using a Support session since the only way to interact with or reconfigure Kaspersky in that case is to use an alternate remote support tool.

In addition to Teamviewer, (which others have mentioned & which can be used without installation on both sides of the connection by running the TeamViewer QuickSupport tool (TeamViewerQS.exe) on the client's machine & then using the TeamViewer Portable download on your machine), another tool that works well which is very quick & easy is AnyDesk which uses a single small exe that runs without installation on both sides of the connection.

While these tools do allow you to reconfigure Kaspersky so it trusts ScreenConnect, this "solution" is far from ideal for at least the following reasons:

  1. It's inefficient: Loading up a second remote support tool just to reconfigure Kaspersky takes longer & appears less professional.
  2. Using most other remote support tools in a commercial setting without a valid license is a violation of their terms of use which means if you want to use ScreenConnect on a Kaspersky machine you have to buy not only ScreenConnect but another remote support tool as well!

@ScreenConnet / ConnectWise:

While I realize that the root issue may be outside your direct control, it would seem that by "declining" this feature you saying that you have given up on trying to solve the issue and are unwilling to even consider pursuing it further, even though functionally it is a legitimate limitation of your software that has somehow been figured out by not only many of your major competitors (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToAssist), but also by smaller & lesser known competitors (such as AnyDesk)... Is that really what you are saying?

Would you please reconsider your position?

I am facing the same problem. It seems like every other remote support tool is able to interact with Kaspersky except ScreenConnect. Can you please look into this problem further and/or follow up further with Kaspersky to figure out a solution?

I dont know clearly about your problems, but I think you can search in https://forum.kaspersky.com or https://keykaspersky.com for more information, this is kaspersky's website with a full of information

Adrewstop, what happens is when we are remoted in to a customers computer to say put a new product key in as soon as we launch the user interface kaspersky blocks all interaction. and the only to fix it is to close the remote session and restart the session. we still can not interact with kaspersky however.

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Hello Everyone,

I can see how this is frustrating so I have reached out to Kaspersky again and will post any updates here.

This is killing me. I have over 300 clients with screen connect and I have not been able to get it white listed either.


I reached out to our Kaspersky contact today and am waiting on an update. This has been an ongoing process and we've progressed forward, so I'd expect to see our application on their whitelist in the near future. 


Hi All,

The Control clients are now on Kaspersky's Whitelist, if anyone runs into an issue please let me know. 

Thanks for the update Kirsten, that's great to hear! What versions does this apply to?


We've uploaded both the 6.2 and 6.3 stable versions. 

Since I'm still on 6.2 that's great, thanks! And just for future reference, what is the process for getting future versions white listed as well? Were you able to establish a relationship or some kind of arrangement with Kaspersky such that future versions will be automatically white listed by the time they are released as stable?


Yes, we will consistently upload the latest stable release to their Sever.

I just updated to 6.3 and am still not able to control Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10. 

Hi Mike, 

I will need more information to understand your issue. Please explain in detail what is occurring, and if preferred you can email your response to kmartinez@connectwise.com 

Did you update (reinstall) the control client on the workstation after the update? (Updating just the server won't help.)

Very good news indeed, this should save hours of work every year. Thank you for your effort at screenconnect to get this fixed.

  Will all versions of Kaspersky IS and TS allow this?

Confirmed our clients will not be flagged by any Kaspersky product since they all use the same WL database. 

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Hello All,

I am reopening this topic as we are still receiving reports of undesired behavior. Over the past few months we've been actively working with the Kaspersky to mitigate the issues and whitelist our application. It seems although these efforts have helped, there are still a number of ongoing problems. 

At this time Kaspersky has ceased assistance, but we will continue to work towards improving the current situation.

Hey Kristen,

I worked with Kapsersky directly on this problem and they issued a private fix for us. It gets rid of the secondary UAC type prompt that is visible on the client end but not through a remote session. I'm not certain, but maybe the PF can be applied for other Kapserky customers? 

Hi Mike,

You're more than welcomed to share the PF on this thread or on our forum

Thank you!


This problem still exists.  I just remoted a client and installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2018.  I had to advise the client to input the Kaspersky activation code herself as I could still could not click on anything within the Kaspersky window.  I do have the most recent version of ConnectWise installed on both host and client machines.  

Hi Danielle,

We installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Internet Security and, in both cases, was able to access the Activation dialog and interact with it. For some reason we cannot replicate what you're reporting on our own. When you get the time, please submit a report to our Support team, so we can get to the bottom of this. 


Thank you. 

Hi Kirsten.  I did submit a support ticket back in January 2018 for this (Ticket #9706559) and a solution was never given at that time.  I was told that it was out of your hands and to try to put pressure directly on Kaspersky.  Was also given info on adding ConnectWise as an exclusion in Kaspersky, but of course I cannot do that remotely either.  This issue has been going on ever since then, and even longer from what I have read in the forums.  It has never once worked for me while remoting a client to install or make changes to the Kaspersky Internet Security suites (haven't tried Endpoint suite).  I always have to do a workaround like using TeamViewer temporarily, or have the client input what I need to since I cannot. Also note that this is specifically when using ConnectWise Control (not Automate).

Thank you for the case number. We'll reach out via email to schedule a time to further investigate the issue with you. 

Well, a year later and this is still an issue.  Just remoted a new client who already had KIS2019 installed on Win7Home and I could not interact with her Kaspersky interface at all using my Win10Pro machine.  


I concur with the above.  I've upgraded to the latest version on clients and server. Kaspersky is still making things difficult. It'll prevent any dialog boxes appearing on my screen when I try to specify screenconnect as a trusted application,  also when I try to choose to ignore  the Elsinore programs. Its a right pain to be honest.

   Only 2 hours ago I had to drive to a customers house to reinstall screenconnect as Kaspersky had choosen to block Elsinore app! Im sure Im like many Elsinore Server users : having paid hundreds for remote software and have the majority of customers running Kaspersky...which do you decide to drop!! Or continue with both and have higher stress levels and inconvenience..on a daily basis.


We are unable to replicate the issue reported. When you get the time, please submit a report to our Support team, so we can tackle this together. 


Thank you. 

It's been 2 years since I posted this issue. Still no real fix aside from a work around that can not be done remotely.

Does anybody have a fix? At this point i just have the customer type in the product key themselves when i do renewals of Kaspersky.

Hi John,

When you get the time, please submit a report to our Support team.


Thank you. 

Still nothing on this glitch, seems like its been going on for awhile; we just recently updated to the latest version and seems like it keeps happening. It will be extremely helpful if it get resolved.

 Kaspersky has been an issue for years as far as I know. I gave up in the end and moved all my customers onto a different security package as each ones licence lapsed.  Eset and Malwarebytes seem to both work fairly well. Im sure 'many' others will also work.

  Logmein and teamviewer (two massive companies with a lot of money and power) both work well with Kaspersky... Logmein and Kaspersky are offered as a part of the same package  (have a look what you get with the expensive logmein packages)  make of that what you will !


This is STILL an issue in 2022.

Yeah it never really got fixed. In fact it's gotten worse as it now prompts the customer to approve when we attempt to do a remote update. And the phrasing makes it sound like you've been hacked so people get freaked out and call us confused.