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Hi Andrew, 

Take a look at the Guest Session Starter extension, it sounds like it perfectly fits your needs. Let us know!

Hi all, apologies for the continued delays. I've pinged our Freshservice contact again, she's supposed to be getting back to me with an ETA. 

Hi! We do have the Selective Lock on Disconnect extension which could be used to achieve your overall goal, but thats assuming you "selectively" add the majority of your machines. I'd like to speak to you more about this, please reach out to and we can setup a time to discuss how we can achieve your request. 

Hi all! Emailed Freshservice a bit ago, no response yet! Apologies for the run around and delays. 

Hi Alejandro, 

Check out the Desktop Notifications extensions in our Extension Marketplace. This extension enables desktop notifications for unacknowledged chat message, support session created, guest connected. 

BugPSA integration is giving load error on 22.8 build
BugPSA integration is not completely backwards compatible for < 22.8

Version 1.6.0

TaskUpdates to Security Toolkit to address issues introduced in "Notify administrators when commands and tools run from the host page exceed a partner defined limit"

Version 1.3.3

Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for the suggestion! We pull the product name from the signature, just like UAC, so maybe Microsoft isn't signing powertoys totally correctly. We can potentially gather more information from the file itself (maybe FileProductName, FileProductVersion or something), we'll look into it. 

TaskImplement V1 integration with DattoRMM