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TaskUpdates to Security Toolkit to address issues introduced in "Notify administrators when commands and tools run from the host page exceed a partner defined limit"

Version 1.3.3

Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for the suggestion! We pull the product name from the signature, just like UAC, so maybe Microsoft isn't signing powertoys totally correctly. We can potentially gather more information from the file itself (maybe FileProductName, FileProductVersion or something), we'll look into it. 

TaskImplement V1 integration with DattoRMM

Version 1.0.5

TaskAdd ability to addNote to RESTful API manager

Version 1.0

StoryCreate Stale Session Cleaner

Hey everyone! I've spoken to Freshservice, there was an issue compiling their extension update for their marketplace. They hope to have it fixed by the end of the month. Will post here when I have confirmation. 

Version 1.0.4

StoryCreate RESTful API extension 

Version 2.4.8

BugNew MacOS client installation path isn't returned 

Version 1.2

Issue TypeSummary
BugBridge extension giving runtime error

Another quick update -- they're actively trying to find a workaround to post the integration to their marketplace. When I have more info I'll post here.