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Hi all, I hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately the contractor Freshservice worked with did not deliver an expected result. I'm actively talking to the Freshservice team about how we can improve this integration and realistic timelines.

I will say that the expected behavior of this integration is to mirror Freshdesk or Zendesk integrations with ScreenConnect -- which means Support sessions only (and of course session details back to the ticket). I cannot promise Access session launching from the ticket at this time. We've investigated previously and don't see an easy path forward there. Will update here when I have more information. 

Version 1.2.5

Issue TypeSummary
BugUnable to download Bridge installer 

Hi everyone, I have a great update. It's live!!!

Let me know if there are other questions or comments, I can pass them back to the Freshservice team. 

Version 1.2.10

BugCAM throws console error when there are no elevation events
BugNew CAM rule created by CAM extension does not have a correct modified date

Version 2.1.2

BugRemote Diagnostic obsolete method updates 

Version 1.6.10

BugPSA extension has load errors on 23.4 and 23.5
TaskRequire the Manage (PSA) integration to not use an obsolete overload of the GetSessionGroupsAsync() method
BugSetup modal does not import all Statues and Service Boards from Manage 

Version 1.4.4

TaskBranding changes - ConnectWise Control to ConnectWise ScreenConnect

Version 1.0.6

BugNothing happens when you click disable

Version 1.3.3

TaskShow PublicKeyThumbprint at bottom of Admin Tab panel

Version 1.1

StoryDefine custom property in command when queued