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Version 1.0.6

BugNothing happens when you click disable

Version 1.3.3

TaskShow PublicKeyThumbprint at bottom of Admin Tab panel

Version 1.1

StoryDefine custom property in command when queued

Version 1.6

StoryCreate Recently Active Tech Tile 

BugNull exception from RESTful API username prevents any extension requests

Hey everyone, so sorry for the delay here. I'm trying one more time with my contact at Freshservice. If this isn't a fruitful exchange, we'll have our development team take over and complete the necessary work. Freshservice is technically the author of the integration, we wanted to give them a chance, but this is dragging on. 

Hi Jag71, happy to help.  The basic event filter is Connection.ProcessType='Guest' AND Event.EventType='Connected', you could further define by Session.SessionType='Access'.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback! This is currently on the roadmap for investigation, I don't have an ETA at this time.