Your comments

Hi Jonathan, 

We'd like to keep our permissions/roles menu as user-friendly and familiar as possible, and so have decided to table this idea at this time. Given the relatively small size of the menu, I'm not sure there's a value add for a large number of users. We'll keep the feature request open and revisit at a later date. 

We're working on ways to connect to the computer without visible remote desktop control. Look for this functionality in an upcoming release!

Because the session name can be easily changed, we want to continue to key sessions off of the ID. It is possible to change the session name on the invitation if you launch the invitation into your own mail client; from there it is editable. Also, we generally assume support sessions are one to one, one host and one guest. In which cases would you need to send an invitation for support to several people at once?

The ability to block host input, keyboard and mouse, is located under the Miscellaneous menu.

If this feature doesn't meet your current needs, can you tell us a little more about your request?